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A DOUBLE THREAT Alan And Aaron Ampudia Have Risen To Be Serious Contenders In The SCORE Trophy Truck Division By Dan Sanchez After winning the 2019 SCORE Baja 1000 Overall, Alan and Aaron Ampudia knew they had what it took to compete with some of Baja racing’s best teams. The Ensenada, Baja California based family got into Baja racing when brothers Rodrigo Sr. and Rogerio Ampudia began racing around 1986, starting in 1600 classes and moving up to SCORE Trophy Truck. It didn’t take long before the next generation, Rodrigo Jr., Aaron, and Alan Ampudia, sons of Rodrigo Sr, soon began racing in 1/2-1600 and won many SCORE races and championships. While Rodrigo Jr moved into short-course racing, Aaron and Alan stayed in SCORE and eventually moved into Class 8 winning that class championship in 2016. The two got hooked on the power of the Geiser-built truck and discussed moving into the SCORE Trophy Truck division. The following year, Alan and Aaron showed up at the SCORE Baja 500 in an ID Design SCORE Trophy Truck and surprised the field by qualifying first for the race. The following year the Ampudia brothers continued honing their skills, finishing each the season at the top of the division. For one reason or another, however, they couldn’t snag a win until the 2019 SCORE Baja 1000. “Knowing the Baja terrain, especially being from Ensenada, makes me feel like I have a home-field advantage,” says Alan Ampudia. “We’re able to go out there more often than most other drivers.” With their Papas and Beer race team, the Ampudias are staged to be serious contenders with two driving styles that complement each other, and with a family that has lots of racing experience. “I feel like the dynamic I and Aaron have is awesome. We’ve been able to perfect that over the years, and use both of our strengths, as drivers, to help us achieve our goal, which is winning races,” says Alan. “There are sections of Baja that we each are more familiar and comfortable with. He’s very familiar with the San Felipe side, but for me is the coast/Mikes side. So usually we try and distribute the race so we can each drive through those sections if the course allows.” “I believe Alan is one of the top three fastest drivers right now,” says Aaron Ampudia. “It’s one thing to have good drivers but it’s also about fine-tuning the team and car. I think we also have an advantage there with our dad. We bought our race truck from Galindo Racing and my dad cares about every detail of the vehicle. There’s not one thing that he doesn’t think of from his many years and experience in racing.” The Ampudia brothers realize the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship into a two-race season, but they believe winning a SCORE Trophy Truck Championship will not be any easier. “To win the championship in two races, it’s a situation where everyone will be trying to go for the wins in the SCORE Baja 500 and SCORE Baja 100,” says Aaron. “ We don’t have the championship in our heads. We’re taking one race at a time and see what happens. Our SCORE Trophy Truck has been ready since March and we are coming out to win.” SJ

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