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Racing, Communications and Camping As you are reading this issue, the SCORE World Desert Championship season has finally begun. The long awaited “green light” to get back to Baja is now happening for the current SCORE Baja 500 and the SCORE Baja 1000 this November. With this reduced two race season, we spoke with a number of participating top-tier teams about their race preparation and new strategies for the 2020 Championships. A critical element for SCORE Baja races is the communications factor. These unique requirements have developed special equipment and communication procedures that keep vital information flowing to keep SCORE race operations, teams, and other personnel in the know as much as possible, especially from the safety and operations standpoint. The same applies to the fan base attending the races or for those just out for one of many off-road adventures. The common thread being the need to be able to keep in touch. See the latest in communication products that will provide the tools for the many needs and the technology updates that are now available. Overlanding camping activities in Baja are nothing new, but the way we can enjoy this activity has now drastically changed for more function and comfort. See the latest in "Overlanding Tent Equipment" that can be used by racers and fans alike, whether it is during race week, on your own Baja adventures or for general off-roading activities. Enjoy the Issue, Jim SCORE JOURNAL MARKETING & SALES DIRECTOR Publisher Jim Ryan EDITORIAL DS Media LLC Dan Sanchez Mike Vieria Larry Saavedra Taylor Vlahos CONTRIBUTORS Stuart Bourdon Jack Wright nMedia3 GM SALES & DIGITAL OPERATIONS DerDiZ Media Inc. Todd Horne CREATIVE DIRECTOR DerDiZ Media Inc. Ashley Hanks Horne SCORE STAFF Dominic Clark, SCORE Media Operations ART EUGENIO SCORE Official Photographer COVER PHOTO Jack Wright nMedia3 PUBLISHED BY SCORE MARKETING LLC 465 South Meadows Parkway #6 Reno, NV 89521, 775-852-8907 Cover and contents are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher.

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