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RACE COMMUNICATIONS BUYER’S GUIDE THE LATEST PRODUCTS IN COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS FOR RACERS AND OFF-ROAD ENTHUSIASTS BY MIKE VIERIA New technologies and equipment are making it easier for race teams and weekend off-roaders to stay in touch. For pit crews, team members and SCORE course personnel, having the latest communication equipment can win a race and render aid much faster in an emergency situation. For off-road enthusiasts on a weekend ride, communication also offers an important safety factor if you have the right equipment to stretch across miles of terrain. To understand what’s available, the biggest names in off-road communication systems offered to showcase everything from the latest in-vehicle intercoms to long range equipment in our buyer’s guide. PCI RACE RADIOS PCI SATCOMM G2 RACE RADIO KIT The PCI SatComm G2 Kit allows Push-To-Talk communications between race vehicles and chase crews anywhere in the world via satellite. Race Kit includes modification for intercom connection and waterproof Pelican case for handset and base. MSRP is $5,174.95. Service and activation required and sold separately. PCI RACE RADIOS PCI 110W RACE PACKAGE 10 The PCI 110w Race Package 10 includes the PCI Comlink 10 Intercom with driver isolation feature, audio input, audio output for cameras, the Kenwood NX-5700 110-watt mobile radio with noise cancelling, full-color 2.55” display, 12 watts of external speaker output, up to 1000-channel capability, and IP54/55 dust and water protection, antenna and coax cable, push-to-talk button mounts, and a Kenwood KLF-2 noise filter. MSRP starts at $3,199.95. PCI 50W RACE PACKAGE 10 The PCI 50w Race Package 10 includes the PCI Comlink 10 Intercom with driver isolation feature, audio input, audio output for cameras, and volume controls for driver and co-driver, the Kenwood TK-7360 50-watt mobile radio with 128 pre-programmed channels and alpha-numeric display, antenna and coax cable, push-to-talk button mounts, and a Kenwood KLF-2 noise filter. Intercom system can be optionally upgraded to DSP and Bluetooth. MSRP starts at $1,249.95. PCI ICOM MOBILE RADIO CHASE PACKAGE The PCI Mobile Radio Chase Package is a great way for race teams or recreational users to stay in contact. Pre-programmed to Weatherman’s Stock frequencies or personal frequencies, the package includes a 50-watt Icom F5021 VHF Mobile Radio or Kenwood TK-7360HK Mobile Radio, antenna and magnetic mount or hole mount coax cable. MSRP is $399.95. PCI RACE RADIOS PCI KENWOOD MOTORCYCLE/QUAD PACKAGE The PCI Kenwood Motorcycle/Quad Package is a hardcore, Baja-proven communications system with loud speakers, noise-cancelling microphone, and mil-spec connections for racing applications. It includes a 5-watt Kenwood TK-2312 hand-held radio with a rapid charger, 128 channels, an alpha-numeric display, and battery life indicator, a helmet wiring kit, harness and radio adapter cable, and handle bar push-to-talk button. MSRP is $574.95. SATELLITE PHONE STORE KYMETA U8 SATELLITE ANTENNA The Kymeta U8 Satellite Antenna provides full coverage of the Ku Band in all conditions. It provides flexible integration for different applications to meet the needs for customers’ unique connectivity needs while in motion. The low-profile, aerodynamic antenna uses software-defined electronic beam steering technology for improved tracking, extended coverage, and low power consumption. Available for sale or rental. Call for specific pricing. SATELLITE PHONE STORE ICOM IC-SAT100 PTT IRIDIUM SATELLITE RADIO The ICOM IC-SAT100 Satellite Radio is the world’s first hand-held global satellite radio. It works like a common VHF radio, but uses the Iridium NEXT satellite network, rather than land-based towers, for instant push-to-talk connection. Can also connect to VHF, UHF, or HF radios for interoperable communications. IP67 waterproof unit features Bluetooth PTT, GPS, and is external antenna compatible. Weighs just 10.8 ounces. MSRP is $1,200 or rent for $49.99/week. COBHAM EXPLORER 323 SYSTEM The Cobham Explorer 323 is a one-piece WiFi satellite system with an integrated transceiver and an auto-tracking antenna. It provides on-the-move satellite connectivity in the most demanding environments, with simple, quick, one-cable, flexible installation options for any vehicle. Easily connects cellular routers for a satellite/cellular communication system. MSRP is $3,495.00, or rent for $174.95/week. RUGGED RADIOS RK-RDM DIGITAL MOBILE RADIO KIT The RK-RDM Digital Mobile Radio Kit provides superior, clear digital communication, as well as analog capabilities. It features dual-band VHF and UHF frequency operation, a call log and address book, emergency alarm, SMS text capability, and scanning function. Kit includes the radio, VHF antenna with magnetic mount and coax cable, power cable with inline fuse, magnetic-mount hand microphone, and mounting hardware. MSRP is $423.00 with current sale price of $317.25. RUGGED RADIOS RK-GMR45 GMRS 45-WATT MOBILE RADIO KIT The RK-GMR45 GMRS 45-Watt Mobile Radio Kit provides powerful communication over 15 General Mobile Radio Service channels, 8 repeater channels, 7 off-road channels, and 30 privacy channels. It features a battery voltage display and clear backlit display, a channel scan mode, adjustable squelch, channel/keypad lock, external speaker port, and a high/low power setting. Kit includes the radio, power cable, magnetic mount hand microphone, and magnetic mount antenna with coax cable. MSRP is $423.00 with current sale price of $317.25. RDH16 DIGITAL 16-CHANNEL HANDHELD RADIO The Rugged Radios RDH16 Digital Handheld Radio is available for either UHF or VHF communications. Both versions feature 16 channels of operation, clear digital as well as analog signal capabilities, powerful 5-watt output, 2-pin accessory port, and a high capacity 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. Includes radio, antenna, battery, belt clip, and drop-in base station charger. MSRP is $195.00 with current sale price of $146.25. V3 DUAL BAND HANDHELD RADIO The Rugged Radios V3 Handheld Radio is a lightweight, portable analog unit featuring industrial business band VHF/UHF frequency operation. Measuring just 3.75”x2.25”x1.25” excluding its antenna, the V3 is compact, yet powerful. It features a high capacity lithium-ion battery, NOAA weather channels, 1-touch FM radio, and backlit buttons. Radio includes rechargeable battery, power adapter, belt clip, and hand strap. MSRP is $85.00 with current sale price of $65.00. RUGGED RADIOS MOTO MAX ULTIMATE MOTO KIT The Moto Max Ultimate Moto Kit is ideal for motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles to connect your existing handheld radio for loud, clear communications. Kit includes Clear Hear, velcro-mount helmet speakers and dynamic noise-cancelling flex boom microphone, Dura-Link Seal connector to protect contacts from water and dirt, a velcro-mount push-to-talk button, motorcycle harness, and music cable. Compatible with all handheld Rugged Radios and selected other brands. MSRP is $248.00 with current sale price of $186.00. ENDURO 2-WAY MOTO KIT The Enduro Moto Kit connects to your existing handheld radio for loud, clear communications with helmet-mounted speakers and a flex boom noise-cancelling microphone. Speakers use a peel-and-stick Velcro mounting, and connections use Dura-Link Seal protection from water and dust. Kit includes helmet speakers and mic, and off-road connector cable to radio. Compatible with all handheld Rugged Radios and selected other brands. MSRP is $154.00 with current sale price of $115.50.

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