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October 2020

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8 Visit our website for additional information. 8 31 #407 Encinitas - 3 chairs, 3 ops, digital collecting $320K per year! 4 GP days and 3-4 hygiene days. All PPO in large retail center! Seller would stay part-time as associate. # 4 5 0 E n c i n i t a s - 3 c h a i r s , 3 o p s , C T a n d P a n o ! C o l l e c t e d $ 4 3 0 , 0 0 0 2 0 1 9 ! L o w r e n t , n e w e r e q u i p m e n t a n d l o c a t e d on border of Rancho Santa Fe! Great price! #470 Vista - 3 chairs, 4 ops, digital in streetside retail. Rent only $1,750! Seller is F F S o n l y ! P a r t - t i m e p r a c t i c e w i t h g r e a t p a t i e n t s . C o l l e c t e d $ 2 8 3 , 0 0 0 + 2 0 1 9 ! #488 Poway/Rancho Bernardo - 4 ops, 4 chairs, digital x-rays and pan/ceph. Collected $320,000 2019 and on track for $400,000 2020! Mix of PPO/Borrego! BUY CONDO! #491 San Diego - 5 chairs, 5 ops, digital x - r a y s . 2 h y g i e n e d a y s p e r w e e k a l l F F S . S t a r t u p . S u r g i c a l p r a c t i c e c l o s i n g d o w n . #509 Costa Mesa - 5 ops, 4 chairs, digital x-ray, beautiful, high-end buildout. Massive street exposure! BUY AT A GREAT PRICE WITH PATIENTS! #511 Tustin - 3 ops, 1 x-ray, beautiful, high-end buildout in upscale location. Great rent and local demographics are fantastic! #512 Brea - 6 GP ops, 4 chairs, digital x-ray. 100% associate run practice collected $700,000 in 2019! 2020 on track for same or better! Borrego provider. Fantastic net! #234 Van Nuys - Streetside freestanding building with private parking in back. Dental office is 4 ops currently and can be expanded to 7! Large gated parking in back! Great area for volume dentistry! 2 Additional Income Units! REAL ESTATE! HARD CORNER LOCATION! Practice Brokerage Partnerships Thinking of Selling? CALL US FIRST! Associateships Purchase Financing Phone: 949-548-4559 Fax: 949-548-0525 Visit our Website for Virtual Practice Tours and Great Resources! With Years of Experience We're Dedicated to Professionalism and High Ethical Standards #295 Los Angeles Santa Monica - 5 ops, 4 chairs, digital x-rays and newer pano! Great rent and 6 dedicated parking spots for practice! Seller bought building and relocating. #315 Temecula - 3 ops, 3 chairs, digital x-rays, pano. Mostly PPO. Collected $220,000 2 0 1 9 . S e l l e r i n j u r e d . Ne w l y r e m o d e l e d . #334 Upland - 3 ops, 3 chairs, digital x-rays. Collected $570,000+ 2019 with a 60%+ NET! Mix of insurances, streetside location with low rent! #370 Apple Valley / Victorville - 6 ops, 5 chairs, digital x-rays, CT. 4 GP days and 6 hygiene days per week. Mostly PPO. Collected $2.2M+ 2019! Busy retail location & great rent! #375 Ontario - 6 ops, 6 chairs, digital x - r a y s a n d P a n o ! 5 0 % B o r r e g o l o c a t e d i n H i s p a n i c g r o c e r y s h o p p i n g c e n t e r . Collected $600,000+ 2019 on only 3 days! #376 Murrieta - 4 ops, 4 chairs, digital x-rays and Pan/Ceph! Retail location with low rent. Newer buildout. Collected $25K per month in 2019! #396 Cathderal City - 4 ops, 4 chairs, digital x-ray. Retiring dentist! Retail location with low rent. 75% DentiCal. Collected $320,000+ 2019 part-time! #401 Oceanside - 5 ops, 4 chairs, digital 0 x - r a y s , p a n / c e p h . C o l l e c t e d $ 6 0 0 , 0 0 0 + 2019! Busy retail location with 20+ new patients per month! 85%+ PPO Patients! #402 San Marcos - 5 ops, 5 chairs, digital x-rays, paperless, collected $512,804 in 2019! Retail location in busy shopping center with rent only $2,400! All PPO and FFS. Seller net 50%+! 3 hygiene days per week! LOW RENT HIGH NET! MASSIVE RETAIL! #490 San Diego Surgery/Implant - 5 GP ops plus 2 surgical suites. Digital, CT. All FFS collected $2.4M+ 2019! 2 hygiene days per week. Facility has full zirconium milling lab! Fantastic facilities and highly trained staff. Seller injured. Priced at $1,290,000 for quick sale! $2.4M+ FFS! #292 Northridge - Newer 5 op practice in large retail center. 40+ new patient per month. ALL PPO/FFS. Collecting $360K+ on 1.5 days per week! Includes Cerec and portable x-ray. Close to 118 and Porter Ranch! Best Retail Location in Valley! DREAM FFS PRACTICE! #574 Santa Ana Tustin - 4 ops, 4 Adec chairs, digital x-rays, pano. High-end buildout in fantastic area near 5/55 freeway. All the bells and whistles you need for a great practice! Ops have great views! REAL ESTATE AVAILABLE! FIRST CHOICE PRACTICE SALES, INC. a California Corporation (DRE 01916111) RETAIL LOCATION! #276 West Valley Area - 7 chairs, digital, CT, scanner. Collected $2,000,000+ 2019. 9 hygiene days per week. Associates, specialty, well- m a n a g e d b u s i n e s s a n d g row i n g ! Seller Net Over $700,000! WHY CHOOSE FIRST CHOICE PRACTICE SALES? IN ESCROW! #522 Irvine - 4 chairs, digital x-rays and pano. Fantastic retail location in the heart of Irvine. Large facility with a mix of associates and owner. Mostly PPO/FFS. Great net and well kept office. Collected $872K+ 2019! #530 Newport Beach - 3 ops, 3 chairs, d i g i t a l x - r a y s c o l l e c t i n g $ 2 0 / $ 2 5 K p e r m o n t h o n 2 d a y s ! I n c r e d i b l e r e n t ! # 5 4 2 N o r t h L a g u n a H i l l s - 4 o p s , 4 c h a i r s , 2 x - r a y s . L o w r e n t w i t h g r e a t visibility! Massive window advertise to major street! Clean practice in busy retail area! #544 Westminster/Huntington Beach - 4 ops, digital x-rays and great base of PPO patients! Rent just lowered! On border of HB and Seal Beach! Mostly Caucasian clients! #545 Mission Viejo - 4 chairs, 3 x-rays in massive retail complex! Newly remodeled! Seller had to shut down due to lack of staff! #552 Anaheim - 4 ops, 4 chairs, 2 x-rays, s t r e e t s i d e l o c a t i o n i n b u s y a r e a n e a r 9 1 freeway. All PPO. Great area for DentiCal! #553 Santa Ana - 5 ops, digital x-rays and pan/ceph! Streetside location, low rent and large signage. Seller buying condo! Beautiful layout! # 55 8 Orange - 4 op s, 4 ch airs, d igital x-rays, pano. Streetside stand-alone building in busy, downtown area. Beautiful interior and great demographics! BUILDING AVAILABLE! #560 Orange - 3 chairs, digital x-rays in large retail grocery store center. Lots of foot traffic. Turnkey! #557 Los Alamitos - 4 chairs, digital, All PPO in beautiful free standing building! Collected $300,000 in 2019 and on track for better in 2020! #578 Huntington Beach - Nice, 4 ops, 3 chair, digital practice in retail location. Several national anchors and busy medical clinic that generates great traffic! Part-time practice collecting $15K/$20K per month! # 5 8 8 L o s A l a m i t o s - 3 o p s . S e l l e r o u t g r e w ! G r e a t b u i l d i n g w i t h l o w r e n t ! N e w l e a s e w i t h f r e e r e n t ! N i c e , c o m p a c t layout perfect for another successful startup!! #589 Lake Forest - 4 ops, 3 chairs, 2 x-rays. All PPO. Great rent in large retail location! Just remodeled, new computers! SELLER WILL FINANCE! # 59 5 Orange - 4 op s, 3 ch airs, d igital x-rays. Mostly PPO practice in streetside building. Collecting $300,000+ part-time! Rent only $2,600! Seller relocating. Street s i g n a g e ! B u s y s t r e e t i n d o w n t o w n a r e a ! # 6 0 2 G o l e t a - 4 o p s , 4 c h a i r s , d i g i t a l x-rays and pano. Long established practice i n g r e a t a r e a n e a r r e t a i l ! 5 0 % + N e t ! C o l l e c t e d $ 2 0 9 , 0 0 0 + 2 0 1 9 p a r t - t i m e ! All PPO! Seller motivated and price shows! #209 Van Nuys - 3 ops, 3 chairs, digital x-rays. 7-8 GP days per week! Mostly PPO/CASH. Collected $1.8M+ 2019! Another $20K per month cash. is practice made seller millionaire!. 70+ New Patients Per Month! Are you considering selling your dental practice or perhaps downsizing, retiring, or even expanding into a new location? You need an exit strategy if you want top dollar for your years of hard work. Now is PRIME TIME to explore your BEST OPTIONS. Here's why: • Strong seller's market • Low inventory of quality practices for sale • Lowest interest rates in years • More than 3,000 buyers in our database • Most aggressive marketing campaigns in the Industry • Weekly personal showings of all our listings • Special program for those who want to sell their practice with ABSOLUTE PRIVACY! • Individual attention for both Sellers and Buyers through the whole process • We manage every phase of the sales process #304 Upland - 7 chairs, digital x - r a y s a n d Pa n / C e p h ! Ne w e r buildout and equipment. Collected $580,000+ 2019 and was collecting $ 6 5 K + J a n a n d F e b 2 0 2 0 ! Seller Net 50%! IN ESCROW! IN ESCROW! IN ESCROW! IN ESCROW! 001-024_DSCA1020.indd 31 9/16/2020 2:51:14 PM

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