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Set-Up For A Win Cody And Brian Parkhouse Win Class 1 And Come In 5th Overall By Dan Sanchez Photos By GetSomePhoto Experienced racers know that when their vehicle feels right on the racecourse, their confidence builds and it’s a recipe for a winning day. For Cody Parkhouse and his dad Brian, their three-year-old Jimco Hammerhead was still in good shape, but after finding the right suspension set-up, they were able to push their vehicle to the edge and finish fifth overall and first in class, at the 52nd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500. “Over the last few years, we’ve been massaging the suspension four different times and in doing so, we were slowly able to pick up our pace,” said Cody Parkhouse. “This last tune for the SCORE Baja 500 was slight, but it made a big impact on the car. We were able to push it harder and feel more comfortable doing it, making it easier to go at max speed and feeling good about it. For my dad, he felt it was easier to drive and more compliant.” The tune, along with the buggy’s Kroyer 442 CID Chevy and Albins 5-speed drivetrain, allowed the Parkhouse’s to show their true potential at this race. Cody started second behind Broc Dickerson who qualified first in class but shortly after the start of the race, saw Dickerson pull over. “Broc Dickerson started ahead of us and he pulled over right off the highway to get fuel,” said Parkhouse. “We passed and had clean air for a while until we caught up to some of the SCORE Trophy Trucks and began picking them off.” When Brian Parkhouse got into the vehicle, the team remained in the physical lead in class and kept on moving up through the vehicles on the course without any issues. “It was one of the best races we’ve run,” said Brian Parkhouse. “The race for us went very smooth without any flat tires and our driver change was quick. We only had two stops for fuel and tires. When I got in we were seventh overall on the course, and I passed Gordon when he was down and the rest of the race was almost dust-free.” Cody and Brian pushed the vehicle hard but remained cautious about what was ahead until they realized they were going to win the class. “We held it at that thin level of how hard you can push it, but the improvements made the car more comfortable to keep it at that level,” said Cody Parkhouse. When Brian headed towards the finish line, the car lost a limiting-strap and they had to limp it to the finish. “If that wouldn’t have happened, we could have finished even better,” said Brian Parkhouse. SJ Team Parkhouse is now set for a first starting position at the 53rd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 in November. With COVID protocols still set in place for that race, the two feel better about racing in Baja and will be in the running for a season Class 1 Championship. “It would be great to win the Class 1 Championship but we’re not pulling back to make sure we do,” said Brian Parkhouse. “We are out to win the SCORE Baja 1000 and if that comes with a championship, that would be great.” “We always run our own race,” adds Cody. “We’ve been in head to head competition on the course and we don’t get caught up on what the competition is doing. We focus on our plan and execute it. We were very pleased with how things were set-up in Baja for this race. With COVID, we expected there would be more precautions than what they do in the U.S. but it wasn’t an issue having our temperature checked, using hand sanitizers everywhere, and even being sprayed down with disinfectant. It made us feel safer, and although it was different at the start and finish line without family and fans we’re good with it if that’s what we need to do to go racing.” SJ

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