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Shop profile The Broad Ripple of Bardach Awards Family and Service B By Kristian Steven Wieber ardach Awards was founded by Charles Bardach, and it was carried on by his son, Tom Bardach. Today, it is run by Tom's daughter and Charles' granddaughter, Diane, as well as their respective sons, grandsons and brothers, Steve and Ryan (there are actually four siblings, another brother, Craig, works outside the family business). The company was founded in 1969, in the historic Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, and for years, the company was known as the Broad Ripple Trophy Center. However, the company's growth necessitated a move to larger confines, and the move necessitated a change in name: the company left behind the neighborhood-and-award-specific name for the aforementioned broad brand name: Bardach Awards. Yet, while the name changed, the descriptive nature of the company's original name still applies, for Bardach Awards has indeed created a broad ripple. Bardach Awards is located in northwest Indianapolis. The company, originally called the Broad Ripple Trophy Center, was founded by Charles Bardach, seen here. 44 AEJune.indd 44 The Pebble & The Ripples Bardach Awards was a pebble Charles cast simultaneously into three ponds: his family, his local community and his industry. Considering the substantial investment of blood, sweat and capital (which is often where the tears come in) involved in the creation of any serious new company, I think most business owners would bristle at a description of the fruits of their labor as a pebble. Yet, with apologies for any injured pride, the metaphor is appropriate. • A&E June 2013 5/1/13 11:55 AM

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