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MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS Materials MUST be submitted in electronic format. If you need assistance in this matter, please contact your sales rep. FOLLOWING ARE GUIDELINES IN SUPPLYING YOUR MATERIALS: PHOTOS: Tiff preferred, EPS acceptable. All files RGB. Never CMYK. All photos should be provided at 350 dpi. Internet Web photos at 72 dpi are not acceptable for print media. ARTWORK: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (Mac, PC) all text converted to outlines. All files must be CMYK. No RGB. ADS: Indesign; NO PageMaker. Include ALL fonts (printer and screen). Also send all artwork and photos. All files must be CMYK. No RGB. High resolution (350 dpi) PDF files are also acceptable. Two color ad material must be supplied as four color process. Magazines are printed at 175 line screen. MEDIA SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, e-mail, FTP. Contact your ac- count executive for e-mail and FTP address. Harris Publishing, Inc. is not responsible for electronic files that print incorrectly due to problems with your file. We reserve the right to substitute fonts in such cases where the fonts are not supplied with the ad file. Fonts will be chosen to match as closely as possible. COMMISSIONS: 15 percent to recognized agencies for agency supplied ads. NOTE: Publisher will charge for additional make- ready costs, including layout, typesetting and scans. Production will be billed at cost. Publisher will not honor advertising agency's 15 percent commission if any account remains unpaid for 90 days. Inserts/Polybag/Direct Mail/List Rental: Visit with your account executive for details and pricing. Advertiser Index provided for all advertisers. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Print cancellations not accepted after closing date. Online can- cellations can be made anytime subject to short rate and per- day adjustments. All advertisements are subject to acceptance by publisher and the advertising contract is therefore deemed to have been entered into in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and governed by the laws of the State of Idaho. Both publisher and advertiser consent to that jurisdiction. Orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of our current Advertising Rate Card, which will prevail in case of any inconsistency or conflict with advertiser's order. Publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher. Publisher is not responsible for the content of advertisements nor for claims arising from contents of advertisements. Publisher will not honor advertising agency's 15 percent commission if any account remains unpaid for 90 days. Should any monies required to be paid hereunder not be paid as set forth in the invoice, the advertiser shall pay publisher, in addition to the monies owed, a delinquent charge equivalent to the maximum legal rate of interest and expenses of collection including attorney's fees. Should reproduction materials for scheduled advertisement fail to arrive by deadline date, publisher reserves the right to repeat most recent material on hand. Spread Bleed 17.5"x11.125" Trim 17.25"x10.875" Non-Bleed 16"x10.25" Full Page Bleed 8.875"x11.125" Trim 8.625"x10.875" Non-Bleed 8"x10.12" 1/2 Horiz. 8"x4.875" 2/3 Page 4.625"x 10.25" 1/2 Island 4.625"x 10.1875" 1/2 Vert. 3.75"x 10.25" 1/3 Square 4.625"x 4.875" 1/12 2.545"x 5.063" 1/3 Vert. 2.25"x 10.25" 1/6 Vert. 2.539"x 5.063" 1/6 Horiz. 5.257"x2.386" Banner Ad 1016x132 News Ad 300x250 Column Ad One 300x600 Mobile Ad 320x50 Magazine Trim 8.625" x 10.875" Spread Live Area 16" x 10.25" Full Page Bleed 8.875" x 11.125" Full Page Live Area 8" x 10.12" Spread Bleed 17.5" x 11.125" Binding Method Perfect Bound Page Specifications and Ad Sizes

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