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Jeremy Davis The 19-Year Old Member Of The Green Army Racing Team Has BaJa In His Blood By Dan Sanchez Photos Courtesy Green Army Racing When Jeremy Davis’ older brother Justin stopped playing hockey and went off-road racing, Jeremy of course followed suit. “I started in short course trophy carts and later moved into a “12” car (SCORE Lites) and competed in Baja,” said Davis. Jeremy is a member of the Green Army Racing team, made up of his older brother Justin, a Class 1 Champion, and their dad Kevin, who runs the team effort. While Justin had already made a name for himself in SCORE’s Class 1, it didn’t take long for Jeremy to earn a SCORE Lites class Championship in 2018. The following year, Jeremy moved into a Class 10 buggy and began battling for wins. “At the 2019 SCORE San Felipe 250 I made a few mistakes, but learned from them,” he says. “Then at the SCORE Baja 500 that year, I was tied for the lead but crashed. At the following race, the SCORE Baja 1000, I had some issues with the mud and the brake pads wore away and overheated. We had to change the rear calipers that put us an hour behind the leaders. The win wasn’t meant to be but I’m going to keep trying.” Davis is quickly learning what it takes to have a winning combination and returns to SCORE at the 53rd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 Presented by 4 Wheel Parts. “The competition is really tough in Class 10, as it's mostly a ‘drives’ class,” he says. “You have to go as hard as you can and not mess up. Driving in a single seater, it takes more to learn the terrain as there’s no one there to help you and it took a while for me to get the navigation down, but I end up reading most of the terrain rather than driving off the GPS.” At some point, Davis wants to get into the team’s Class 1 car, but for now, he’s happy to learn more in Class 10. “I have never driven the ‘1’ car and I know it takes time to get good with it,” says Davis. “The team wants to keep the car we have now for a few more years and then maybe I can get into it. For now, I like the ‘10’ car and want to stay in what I like and get better at it.” Currently the Green Army team has three Class 10 cars, one is a two-seater, another is built for racing in Baja, while the third is for racing state-side. “We’ve built these vehicles in house and the Baja buggy is built stronger to withstand the tough courses there,” says Davis. “We can change parts on either of the cars if necessary and we make modifications that make it easier to change them, as well as make the cars lighter. That’s why we like to build them ourselves.” ‘Baja is very different from running other races state-side. The terrain changes and you can be driving on the edge of a cliff on one section, then go through Mike’s Sky Ranch the next, then silt beds and more. It takes much more patience in Baja to win, and we plan on doing that more. Baja racing is in our blood and since we were kids, we hated to lose. It’s one of the reasons our mom doesn’t let us compete against each other.” At the 53rd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000, Jeremy will be driving the Class 10 car with his brother Justin as co-driver. “My brother has more skill than me so he will start and I’ll finish,” said Davis. “With luck and our combined skills we hope to finish this year with a SCORE Baja 1000 win!” SJ

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