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4 T R A N SL AT I O N Q UA L I T Y AT U N BA B EL Quality Reporting We use the Customer Utility Analysis (CUA) to report on translation quality. The CUA consists of five levels of quality, and each is determined by a range of MQM* scores. The MQM ranges vary based on the different workflows for each individual channel: chat, email or FAQ. *MQM is a standard quality framework designed to assess translation quality to see whether a specific translation meets specifications. Linguistic specialists look through translations to identify and define things like accuracy, fluency and style and error categories, and weigh these parameters to ultimately provide a transla- tion quality score out of a total of 100. DID YOU KNOW? We developed a new neural framework for training multilingual MT evaluation models called COMET. Learn more about our ongoing COMET research here QUALITY LEVEL DESCRIPTION Best Premium quality (MQM of >=98) The translation is exceptional and displays outstanding fluency. Any potential errors are negligible and have minimal impact on the overall meaning and success of communication. High level of quality (MQM in the range 94 ≤ x < 98) The translation is fluent and accurately conveys the intended meaning. Minor style or fluency issues may still occur, but communication is effective and successful. Good level of quality (MQM in the range 80 ≤ x < 94) The translation is easily comprehensible and accurately conveys the intended message. Although there may be occasional grammatical errors, the overall quality is acceptable. Below target quality, area of attention (MQM in the range 60 ≤ x < 80) This level requires attention, as errors may impact the clarity and understandability of the translations. Poor quality (MQM of <60) The translation requires review as errors will likely impact the comprehension of the message's core concepts. Excellent Good Moderate Weak

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