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January 2021

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1920 De Danske Sukkerfabrikker decides to carry out its own sugar beet breeding. The program is established at Maribo Sugar Factory with Viggo Lund as manager. 1928 The company's first sugarbeet hybrid, MARIBO-N, is put on the market. 1935 Seed activities are moved from Ulriksdal to Højbygårdvej (where MariboHilleshög is still located today). 1951 MARIBO-P, the first polyploid sugarbeet, is launched. 1957 Maribo Zuckerrübenzucht in Austria—Maribo's first venture outside Denmark—is established. 1961 Anglo Maribo is established in England. 1969 Marketing of monogerm, pelleted Maribo seeds begins. 1969 Maribo France is established. 1976 Maribo Italia is established. 1977 Maribo España is established. 1982 Breeding of rapeseed, sunflowers and peas begins. 1982 Maribo registers the first Rhizomania-resistant beet variety in the world. 1984 Coating of Maribo beet seeds begins. 1991 Maribo Deutschland is established. 1993 Breeding and research collaboration with Hilleshög Seed, owned by Sandoz Seeds. 1995 MARIBO Frø changes name to Danisco Seed and becomes a Danisco division. MARIBO continues as a beet seed trademark. 1998 "Clean beet types" are in official tests in Denmark for the first time. 2009 Together with Danisco Sugar, Danisco Seed is acquired by the German sugar group Nordzucker. Danisco Seed changes name to Maribo Seed. 2009 OOO Maribo Russia is established. 2010 Maribo Seed is sold to Syngenta and continues under the name Maribo Seed. 2017 Maribo Seed returns to Danish hands as DLF takes over Syngenta's sugarbeet business. Maribo Seed is merged with Hilleshög, and the company is continued under the name MariboHilleshög. employees exclusively dedicated to breeding new varieties adapted to local conditions. Here in Denmark, we have well-functioning laboratories, thorough experimental and processing work and efficient production. Worldwide, we are represented in 35 countries." For a company completely focused on helping sugarbeet growers optimize their yields, it has proven ideal for Maribo to be part of DLF, a global seed company owned by Danish farmers. In these first years with the new ownership, Maribo has seen a willingness by the parent company to invest in the facilities in Holeby, where the production of beet seeds has increased considerably. n 17 100 YEARS OF MARIBO BEET SEED Maribo's beet breeding was established at Maribo Sugar Factory in 1920 with Viggo Lund as manager. Monogerm Maribo seed is packed in boxes and prepped for delivery for the first time in 1969. Seen here in 1935, the site of Maribo's first breeding building is where the company's headquarters is located today.

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