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January 2021

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28 Sugar Producer JANUARY 2021 The Heavy-Weight in Pulvi-Mulchers Gets BIGGER. The 3600 Series Pulvi-Mulcher from Brillion features wider working widths, increased trash clearance and reduced downtime in the field. The series is available in 21', 25', 30' and 36' working widths. The 30' model weighs 80% more than the popular WL360 for more clod crushing power. The 36' unit is the widest Pulvi- Mulcher offered by Brillion. All 3600 Series models feature 8" roller axles with heavy-duty bearings that improve reliability and reduce maintenance interruptions in the field. The design includes three rows of two-piece edge bent s-tines on overall 6" spacing. 25" of under frame clearance improves trash flow through the machine. A leveling harrow in front of the rear roller helps level ridges left by the shanks. New to the 3631 series is the 24" Notched Ductile Iron wheel to provide even more clod crushing power with its heavy weight. Brillion, WI 54110 855.320.0373 ©2020 Brillion Farm Equipment Scan this code or visit our website to learn more. 4509-1Brillion12h.indd 1 4509-1Brillion12h.indd 1 10/19/20 4:50 PM 10/19/20 4:50 PM Deep Scientific Roots Maintaining consumer trust in the industry through transparency the primAry role of the sugAr AssociAtion is to serve As the scientific voice of the u.s. sugAr industry. so, it's criticAl thAt shAring our knowledge of reAl sugAr with consumers stArts with hAving the fActs. the importAnce of shAring AccurAte, science-bAsed informAtion with consumers is greAter todAy thAn ever before. this is why we ensure thAt All of our efforts—All communicAtions, AdvocAcy on science-bAsed policies And support of new reseArch—Are founded on high-quAlity evidence. TRANSPARENCY BUILDS TRUST Continued support of new scientific research is vital to our ability to be seen as a credible voice for the sugar industry. In addition to informing our communications to consumers, the research we support helps us better understand food, nutrition and the role sugar plays in our evolving eating habits. Supporting new research gives us opportunities to ask questions that other people aren't and allows us to build relationships with universities and researchers as we answer those questions. These partnerships allow us to enhance our credibility and visibility and ensure professionals in education, nutrition, health and food, as well as federal agencies and policymakers, and ultimately consumers look to us as a knowledgeable resource and rely on the integrity of our information. You might be wondering, Will consumers trust science about real sugar if it is the Sugar Association supporting the research? The short answer is, yes, because of the way we support research and the way we share knowledge. We are committed to complete transparency and abide by strict research operating principles to ensure we minimize any potential bias of the research we support. To reduce any FROM THE SUGAR ASSOCIATION Courtney Gaine, R.D., Ph.D. | President & CEO

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