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SCORE 2020 AWARDS NIGHT 4 2020 SCORE OFF-ROADSMAN OF THE YEAR FINALISTS SCORE CONTINGENCY COMPANY OF THE YEAR • Baja Designs • BFGoodrich Tires • Raceline Wheels • Weddle Industries SCORE PIT SUPPORT TEAM OF THE YEAR • Baja Pits • BFGoodrich Tires • Checkers Off-Road • Mag 7 SCORE MECHANIC OF THE YEAR • Daniel Curie, Monster Energy Can-Am Racing • Antonio Manzo, Monkey Business Racing • Rogelio Pereira, McMillin Racing • Jeff Smith, Parkhouse Motorsports • Bobby Youngs, Slam Life Racing-Honda SCORE JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR • Daniel Antuna, LaCronica/Frontera • Raul Ayub, CBC Radio • Gabriel Garcia, SCORE Social Media • Curtis Guise, • Mike Ingalsbee, Freelance • Dan Sanchez, SCORE Journal SCORE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR • Ernesto Ariaza, • Brian Binkert, Bink Designs • Art Eugenio, GetSomePhoto • Alex Ponce, MyBajaPhoto SCORE VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR • Bud Brutsman, BCII TV • Justin Chaisson, Menzies Motorsports • Esteban Flores, Cactus Films • Caleb Norman, McMillin Racing • Juan Flores, Baja Films SCORE TEAM MANAGER OF THE YEAR • Santiago Creel, Monkey Business Racing • Rick Geiser, RPM Racing • Kristen Matlock, Matlock Racing • Chris Olimon, McMillin Racing • Don Woods, Monster Energy Can-Am Racing SCORE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR • Randy Emberton, Pro Stock UTV • Pierce Herbst, Trophy Truck Spec • Trey Hernquist, Class 5 • Juan Carlos Salvatierra, Pro Moto Ironman • Eliott Watson, Pro UTV Unlimited AWARDS AWARDS 2020 2020 WELCOME-emcees Rat Sult, Cameron Steele INVOCATION-Steve Hanson, Chaplain-Racers for Christ SPECIAL SCORE WELCOME Juan Tintos Funcke, SCORE General Manager SCORE REVIEW/PREVIEW Jose A. Grijalva, SCORE President/Race Director SCORE MARKETING UPDATE -INCLUDING 2020, SCORE SPONSORS Jim Ryan, SCORE Marketing & Sales Director SCORE OFF-ROADSMAN AWARDS • SCORE Mechanic of the Year • SCORE Contingency Company of the Year • SCORE Journalist of the Year • SCORE Photographer of the Year • SCORE Videographer of the Year SCORE SPORTSMAN POINT CHAMPIONS SCORE MANUFACTURER POINT CHAMPIONS • SCORE Original Open Wheel Chassis Manufacturer -Jimco Racing • SCORE Original Truck Chassis Manufacturer -Geiser Brothers • SCORE Engine Builder-Kroyer Racing Engines • SCORE UTV Manufacturer-Polaris • SCORE Motorcycle Manufacturer-KTM SCORE PRO MOTORCYCLE & QUAD POINT CHAMPS ROD HALL SCORE MILESTONE WINNERS, PRESENTED BY VP RACING FUELS SCORE OFF-ROADSMAN AWARDS • SCORE Team Manager of the Year • SCORE Pit Support Team of the Year • SCORE Rookie of the Year SCORE PRO FOUR-WHEEL POINT CHAMPIONS SCORE OFF-ROADSMAN AWARDS SCORE PERSON OF THE YEAR 2020 SCORE OVERALL POINT CHAMPIONS CLOSING 2020 VIRTUAL SCORE AWARDS

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