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March 2021

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 41 CROP HEALTH IS IMPERATIVE FOR YOUR LONG- TERM SUCCESS Our superior potato portfolio features reliable, high- quality products with active ingredients proven to help deliver peace of mind and consistent protection against yield-robbing pests and weeds. FEATURED PRODUCTS FOR POTATOES Yoduo is a unique protein hydrolysate fertilizer that gives plants a nutritional kick when they need it most. When applied correctly, Yoduo trips growth triggers that boost plant health and vigor while protecting against abiotic stressors. Provides long-term residual control of difficult-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds with active ingredient Rimsulfuron. Provides economic, long-lasting residual control of sucking and chewing insects and limits feeding activity with a world- class Imidacloprid formulation. Featuring two convenient Methomyl- based formulations to combat Lepidopterous pests, Nudrin acts as an ovicide, larvicide, and adulticide. Features an Oxamyl-based solution that decreases nematode feeding, movement, and reproduction to nurture a healthy root system in crops. To learn more, visit www.RotamNorthAmerica.com/portfolio/potato or contact us at (866) 927-6826 Special Terms and Conditions This reference guide is not intended as a substitute for the product label for the product(s) referenced herein. Always read and follow label directions and precautions for use. Product(s) referenced herein may not be registered in all states. Confirm your state's registration status with your Rotam representative. © Copyright 2021 Rotam North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Hinge, Montana, Nudrin, ReTurn XL, and Yoduo are registered trademarks of Rotam. NEW 4086-16RotamNorthAmerica12h.indd 1 4086-16RotamNorthAmerica12h.indd 1 2/4/21 1:17 PM 2/4/21 1:17 PM it deserves, to exceed expectations in delivery and creativity. I think that mindset resonates strongly with the agricultural industry. We are all searching for ways to improve our accuracy and efficiency. Medius. Re brings all the data together into an easily understood platform that greatly boosts efficiency in time and money. Who doesn't want that?" Besides potatoes, the Medius.Re platform is now being used for wheat, corn and soybeans. For more information on the online platform, visit medius.re. Data from Medius.Re about different varieties in the NFPT has allowed users to stay up to date on emerging varieties' performances.

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