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HOUSE / TECHNO 25 7 Issue 51 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN solomun We caught up with one of the hottest DJ and producers on the scene, having releases out on Noir Music, Defected, Get Physical and Moda Black this guy is definitely one to watch out for right now. JOE LE GROOVE | You have been producing for sometime now, when did your musical journey start? I come from Hamburg, Germany, but I am a balkan kid. I grew up with jugoslavian music culture, from traditional folk songs to rock, pop and gypsy music. Besides that I was as a kid much into hip hop, r&b and for sure also interested in dance music. But I was already DJing a few years before I did my own first tracks. You most recently won 'Best Producer of the Year Ibiza 2012', which is definitely one to cherish especially when there are so many talented producers around right now. How did that feel and has it driven you to push the boundaries ? It was a big honor, because I never expected it. It felt and still feels really amazing to me. But it doesn't change my motivation because I am always motivated.7 You set up DYNAMIC record label after you launched your party DIY, what have you guys got in store for your fans in 2013? In June my friend and labelmate, Stimming has an album out and for sure 2 weeks ago the debut album of David August "Times" was released. If you had to invent a new music genre what would you call it? That's a tough question because it's really hard to put music in a special genre. So I leave such tough things to the experts: the journalists! What inspires and drives you in the studio? My endless joy for music and producing and of course Martin Stimming my handsome studio neighbour. What forthcoming releases have you got in the pipeline? There will be two EPs released from mysel, one in June with the title "YesNoMaybe" and another one in August. And I did a remix for the UK band "Foals" which will be released soon. You are just about to start your second season in Ibiza with Diynamic Neon Nights which you launched at Sankeys last year, what are you guys going to bring to the table this year with Diynamic Neon Nights ? At Sankeys we will evolve our "Neon Nights" brand and bring it to the next level. The whole diynamic family will play there and it will look even better than last year. We will open the newer and bigger white room with a brand new soundsystem this season. We all are very excited about it and can't wait till the season starts. You are also about the launch a brand new residence at Pacha Ibiza as well. Can you tell us a bit about how that came about and the also the concept for the summer? The concept is already explained by the name: Solomun +1. And the main thing about Solomun+1 is: that there are only two artists taking care of the night because I know it from my side: The longer I play the bigger my chance is to create something special, a special atmosphere. And that's the reason why only me and one outstanding artist will play the whole night and then we will end back to back. In a world of Turntables, CdJs and controllers what is your preferred option when you perform and why? Power Station on 17th May, there are 2,500 people attending on FB. You must be excited about this gig? I play with three PIONEER CDJ 2000 and a Pioneer DJM 2000 mixer. I need three CDJs because it's easier for me to be organised because I play with USB-sticks, and I like the effects of the 2000. Oh man I am, I love to play in London and this looks like a really unique venue with a lot of history. What's your funniest DJ box blunder to date? There are way too many great producers around to answer this question in a right way. There are a few I am absolutely sure, but I can't remember one of them, haha! You are playing at Battersea What other fellow producers are you feeling right now? For more information check out JOE LE GROOVE┬┤S TOP 10 1. Ben Rau - Zieglers House - Save You Records 2. My Favorite Robot - Looking for Frost - No19 3. Remain - Ralph (Ewan Pearson remix) - Meant Records 4. Aki Bergen & Djuma Soundsystem feat Lazarusman - Dont Stop (Just Be remix) - Fukai 5. Joe Le Groove & Mr Lefteye - Why Why Why Electronic Petz 6. Joint Custody - Lights & Buttons (Mr.C remix) Superfreq Records 7. Philip Ort Featuring Joe Le Groove - I Need Some Freedom - Wiggle 8. David Scuba and Dance Spirit - Soul Selector Superfreq Records 9. Tim Paris - Golden Ratio feat. Georg Levin (John Tejada remix) - My Favorite Robot Records 10. The Black 80s - Give Me Something (Hollis P Monroe) - Air London

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