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HOUSE / TECHNO 27 7 Issue 51 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I MARTiNEZ Heading up the Cocoon tent alongside Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Väth at We Are FSTVL on 25th May, expect a big set from this Swedish/Danish house music and techno DJ/Producer. Currently working on a new artist album and touring the world we caught up for a quick chat. JOE LE GROOVE | After your gig on the weekend with DJ W!LD we were talking about the way that DJ's mix. You started playing in 1994 and it shows in your sets as you will play on 2-4 decks comfortably. How did you get into Djing? I got into DJing when I started listening to electronic music in the mid 90's. A friend and I got our hands on some "mixtapes" of techno and we used to listen to it after school, trying to figure out which records was being played, when the mixes started and ended, as well as how the actual mix was done. I was really fascinated with the continuous flow of music and how the songs blended into each other. So we saved up for 2x Technics 1210 and a very shitty mixer, and started to try to DJ ourselves. It took a while to get the idea of it, but finally we got it. Technology is forever evolving, you always have plenty of vinyl whenever you play and a few Wavs on a USB key/ CD. Have you ever thought about going down the Traktor route or use a midi controller and laptop? Actually, I used to play with Traktor for a while but I played with the control vinyls. Because I learnt how to DJ with vinyls on turntables, it's the only natural media for me. So with Traktor I could still play "vinyl" but I didn't have to bring a lot of heavy records on the road. However, I got more and more tired of the digital screen and having a computer on stage. I felt I lost the vibe playing like that and I also paid less and less attention to the music or making selections and ended up playing more easy and the latest promos. So I switched back to vinyl since a year ago. It really brought me back to the essence of DJing and what it's all about for me, and I've never been so excited and You used to call your music "Cosmic House" in the past, now that music has gone full circumference with more vocals being used, how would you describe your music today? Well, "Cosmic House" was a term a friend of mine came up with, referring to very spacey and melodic house music. I called the stuff I did on my Out of Orbit label for "Cosmic House" more as a fun and unusual way to describe that style and sound. Today, I would describe my music as, hypnotic and groovy house/techno. I have no idea…maybe a chef or something with food?! Out of all the tunes you have, which one 'never fails?' Have you got plans for another album anytime soon? Hmmm, I guess of the top of my head one could be Lil Louis "French Kiss." Yes, I am currently working on a new artist album. It's still very much work in progress, so I can not tell too much about yet. However, I can for sure tell you that I am having lots of fun in the studio every week and coming up with lots of new ideas, sounds and rhythms. You are playing at We Are FSTVL on the 25th May, the line up is serious. what artists are you "I switched back to vinyl since a year ago. It really brought me back to the essence of DJing and what it's all about for me, and I've never been so excited and inspired to play as I am now. It feels good to go back to my roots." inspired to play as I am now. It feels good to go back to my roots. What artists inspired you to become a producer? It is really hard to say, I was inspired by so many different artists and honestly I think my passion for music in general inspired me the most to start producing. The feeling that I want to create something of my own, I guess. You have played in over 30 different countries, which one holds extra special memories? This is always an impossible question to answer, as there are very special experiences and memories from every country. I prefer not to mention any special country over another. If you were not DJing/ producing, what would you be doing today? looking forward to checking out when you are not performing? Indeed, the line up is stunning for We Are FSTVL and I am really happy to be a part of it! Of course Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Väth, whom I am playing alongside on the Cocoon stage are top of my list. Besides them, Arpiar, Apollonia, Ernesto Ferreyra, Dandy Jack (live) & Delano Smith to name a few. What have you got planned for your fans for the rest of 2013 There is lots of exciting new music coming during the year, both original release and remixes. My latest release "Magnolia EP" just came out on the Argentinian label: Savor Music. I got remixes for Pier Bucci on Serkal, Dale Howard on Klangkultur and the danish dub duo LuLu Rouge about to drop soon. Plus, of course lots of gigs all over the world, and a record bag full of great music for you. If you were banished to a desert island and had to take 3 famous people dead or alive, who would you take and why would you take them? Louis CK: because he is just so damn hilarious! Martin L Gore: because he is such a musical genius and the greatest music writer of our time. Marilyn Monroe: because she seemed like lots of fun and let's face it, we can't be only guys on the island ;) For more information check out martinez

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