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HIP-HOP / 32 RNB Issue 51 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I Mic Righteous Rising to success with his massive 'Fire In The Booth' session on Charlie Sloth's Radio One Show, he racked up over 1.2 million YouTube hits. With his new single "Up All Night' released this month, this rapper from Margate has seen huge success in topping the iTune charts and worldwide sales whilst still remaining fiercely independent. Alfie Lambert | @ You came in the hip hop charts on iTunes at Number 1 and Number 8 on the albums charts, now as an independent artist how does that feel? Yeah, it feels amazing! Because you are putting all this work out yourself, you are not doing it for label but on your own. Do you get a sense of well being knowing you have done it all on your own? Well I would love to say that I have done it on my jack jones, but I have a great team around me I want to big up Charlee from Vision, everyone at The Hub, my management all my friends and family because they are my label. So with your recent success, are we looking at a UK Tour soon? Well hopefully, I mean I don't want to punch above my weight just yet. I think when the time is right, I am glad we can put on shows like the one at The Barfly recently and get them sold out real quick but I want to take progressive steps so the next time we can do a show with a bigger capacity and see how that fills out. A lot of people might have come into you for the first time, I know I did was with your massive Fire In The Booth session with Charlie Sloth, nearly 1. 2 million YouTube Palestine as this is a very good example to use at the moment in what is going on, but the only way to bring awareness to that is by being aware and trying to make as many people as you can to be aware of it. The only way to help them is by going out there and spreading the word and actually trying to get some help for the people out there. I think it is good for artists to point out to the youth culture that things are going out across? Maybe because of my ethnic background I draw that sort of crowd and listeners but I don't think that is no excuse for anyone to ever mention it or big it up, I don't even think artists in general I think that as human beings we should want to do that, there should be a part of us that really wants to help a hungry family I shouldn't have to be a rapper to want to do that. "There should be a part of us that really wants to help a hungry family I shouldn't have to be a rapper to want to do that." views and going if you haven't check it out we recommend you do! Now there was a lot of controversy surrounding that afterwards because the BBC edited out a phrase you said about free Palestine. Do you think it is important for artists to support causes like ending the conflict in Palestine? Yeah I think it is vital, I think the best way we can draw attention to problems not only in Palestine but various issues all around the world that are similar to the struggle in there? Yeah but I think that it is not just artists we all should as people, as they are all human beings that are suffering and we are human beings going through a struggle but we are not suffering that much and we need to help them. I think a lot of rappers are coming through at the moment from different parts of the world, like Lowkey and other rappers do you think that with your heritage it gives you a better standpoint to put that So went and looked through your twitter and it has been going absolutely crazy with the new release and that, how do you deal with that level of pressure. How are you dealing with that love you are getting from your fans? Yeah you know it is amazing, it is great to know that all I have to do is retweet someone and you can give them that great feeling and then that gives me a good feeling so it works vice versa. I am a drum and bass man as well as a hip hop fan, and in one of your tracks you reference "Skibba in his prime, One Nation 99", do you still listen to drum and bass and what artist you into? Eksman, Skibba, Harry Shotta, my boy Spooka the list goes on Fearless all of them man all of them bruv! If you had to pick one track across any genre, what would be Mic Righteous number one tune? Ohhh, that is so hard near enough impossible! OK, I think it would be Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved." If you had one superpower and you had it for one day what would you do? I'll tell you what, I would just click my fingers and you would turn naked! What me? Anyone! If you want to come and embarrass me I would be like boom you're naked! Buff girl, boom you're naked! For more information check out Follow at @MicRighteous

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