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DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 36 Issue 51 / 2013 album of the month Deeper Connection Alix Perez- Chroma Chords If you haven't heard of the drum and bass artist by now, you are seriously missing out! The definition of drum and' bass is a type of electronic music which is usually characterised by speedy breakbeats with heavy bass and sub bass lines. Deeper Connection takes this concept to a whole new level. With deep liquid like swirls of percussion mixed with feisty heavy beats and injected with elements of soul and reggae he's certainly bought a whole new meaning to the term drum and bass. Bryn Green (aka Deeper Connection) is a 33 year old producer from Cornwall. He's been mixing since 1993 and has been producing for 8 years. His work has been influenced by many genres, from rock, to soul, to reggae, but his roots were based in the early years of hardcore and in 1996 he made a milestone switch to jungle and then on to drum and bass. He signed his first track to Stepping Forward Records USA in 2010 and has since had tracks signed with many different labels including Rotation Recordings, Point Audio and Luv Disasters Records to name just a few. Throughout his career he's managed to make quite a name for himself working alongside Scott Allen to form Soul Deep Recordings. Deeper Connection has recently produced a track called Love Is The Key which I personally recommend you give a listen to! One of my most eagerly awaited releases of the year so far comes from Shogun Audio and Alix Depaux (otherwise known as Perez) in the form of his second album, 'Chroma Chords.' may RELEASES It's been a while in the making – his eternally innovative debut collection '1984' was released four years ago, and its widespread (and rightly deserved) attention undoubtedly cemented his status as one of the most exciting producers in drum and bass. Drawing together Perez' hip hop and soul influences comes this diverse sophomore work; full of remarkable collaborations from across the board. The opener 'Crystals' is a broken beat electronica track; immediately straying from any typical DnB restraints. 'Broken Heart' continues in this mellow yet futuristic theme, featuring some sensual synth input courtesy of Two Inch Punch. Two of the tracks on this 15-song selection feature the sublime addition of vocalist D.Ablo, and they both happen to be personal highlights. The rippling bass line of 'Playing Games' and stunning chord sequences in 'We Could Have Been' both complement that distinctively smooth voice so well. The single 'Annie's Song' is one of those tracks that embeds itself in your ears; it's a down tempo delight and reminds me a little of James Blake's exquisite 'CMYK', which can only be a good thing. Again experimenting with a soulful male sound, Perez has chosen well in Sam Wills. Having caught his live performance at the album showcase at Shogun last month, I can confirm it was as clear-cut and subtly entrancing in a warehouse as it is on this album – 'The End of Us' stood out in particular. Simply by delivering something this diverse and interpretive (each play brings new attention to detail), Alix Perez has crafted something which yet again keeps his fans guessing – a certified technical gem. Mc fats Brand New Style/ Inner soul Shockone Universus Rinse: 22- Kode 9 Kode 9 Savage Rehab Neck Funk / Rare Groove BNCExpress Fast Music Delivery Part 2 Dose What Lies Within PLV037/ V Records Viper Recordings rinse V Records BNC Express SGN034 Swindle Long Live The Jazz Alix Perez Chroma x Chords LTJ Bukem Bukem in session Danny Byrd Golden Ticket Benton Reflections Deep Medi Shogun Audio Good Looking Records Hospital Records Wheel & Deal Records Circus Two Presented by Cookie Monsta and FuntCase Circus Records

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