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INDIE / ROCK 39 7 Issue 51 / 2013 W VIE NTER I Misty miller From supporting Jake Bugg and Tom Odell on tour, this lady is set to release her second EP, 'Next To You,' on 19th May. The follow up to her debut EP 'Girlfriend' was released in February. Her growing number of fans include Zane Lowe, who made her track "Girlfriend" his 'Next Hype' record, and Steve Lamacq who made her his 'New Favourite Band' on 6Music. well. I make sure what I'm performing is something I like to perform, not some halfhearted effort. Emily | So you've had quite a transformation from playing the ukulele and singing sweet acoustic songs like 'Remember.' Do you feel like you've grown up? Yeah! (laughs) When I recorded that album I was already writing new stuff. I wrote those songs when I was 14, and I just wanted to get them out there. I never wanted it to be a big thing. I was already playing the guitar and I just feel like for me it's been a natural progression not a big change. I suppose it is a big difference going from 15 to 19. How was your debut EP 'Girlfriend' a transition for you, stylistically and lyrically? As soon as I did the first album when I was 15, I started actually playing guitar and playing gigs. I started going out and I left college and started hanging out with musicians and getting into the South London music scene. All my friends now are musicians, and I've started to realise what kind of performer I want to be when I play gigs so my lyrics and my performance style came from those experiences. Is it autobiographical to an extent? Like making a statement, in a way? Yeah I guess so, It's not so obviously autobiographical but it still is. All my songs come from real feelings, even if it's just a kind of play on a feeling. Because obviously songs like Girlfriend, I'm not actually a whore (laughs) I guess. Even if it's not like, a fuck-you, statement, just a kind of general thing. All the people I'm inspired by on stage, it's not dull you know. I want to make sure I can give something when I'm performing. Sort of a reflection of your music, as well? I guess so, yeah. It's all quite retrospective. Which current artists on the scene can you relate to? If you had to compare yourself to anyone? Umm...I can't really think of any that are doing well, I can only really think of underground musicians. But period of time before things started kicking off when we played there once a week. But it was really cool doing the tour, because we got to play in front of about 2000 people, and that was really good for us because not only was it fun, but it's kind of like you're finally doing something that you've always wanted to do, its really cool, it just felt really natural. That tour was fun, the Jake Bugg tour was wicked. " I've found myself as a musician now, like when I did the first album I didn't really know who I was, I was just a young girl singing, now I've really found how I like to perform, and what I want to be." but it's just that kind of aggression that I wanted to sing on stage. That's why I did that song. Do you feel like you have more to say now you're older and wiser? Do you feel you have more to get off your chest then when you were 15? Yeah I guess so! Definitely a lot more pain. When I think about the stuff I used to write about when I was younger, it was a lot more on the surface, whereas now it's a bit deeper. Also I really try and think about what I want to say as How would you describe your style now. Are you inspired by anyone? I kind of wear what I want. When I was signed, my label tried to get me with stylists and stuff, but most of my clothes are sort of hand me downs. I don't really like saying style icons, because I don't really have them, but I'm inspired by eras, like Patti smith and I love Kurt Cobain and grunge style. I like worn in clothes, T-Shirts that have been worn a lot, or jeans or suits. I don't like the feeling of new clothes. you know, I just did a tour with Jake (Bugg), and a lot of people sort of compare me to him. He's really cool, we get on. I don't think it's that similar, I mean it's quite similar, we're both doing quite bluesy stuff. I guess he's probably the most similar, but in terms of inspiring me, all the music that inspires me is older, like the 60s and 70s. What's been your favourite gig? Oooh my favourite gig...we play Windmill in Brixton and I think that's like our favourite place to play, there was a What was the inspiration behind the new EP? When we recorded it I was kind of worried it would sound a bit more produced, but actually in fact it all still very live and I guess what inspired it was just the songs we play live because you know the first EP was hard to chose what five songs to put on it, and I guess this EP, it's more songs, and it's more developed with the band. 'Tea In China', 'Anything For You' and 'Wait', with those three songs the band had more involvement in it because we played together more and we've been hanging out together more so I feel like it's more of a band effort. But then there is one song at the end of the EP which I actually recorded on my computer on GarageBand, just on my own. I got home one night and I was just feeling really sad, I was quite drunk and I was like 'Oh I'm just gonna record a song!' so I did and I really liked it, so I asked the label if they could put it on, and they said yes! Wow! So I guess you guys are maturing as a band. Do you think you'll continue to reinvent yourself then? You've crossed genres already. I think it's less reinventing. I've found myself as a musician now, like when I did the first album I didn't really know who I was, I was just a young girl singing, now I've really found how I like to perform, and what I want to be. 'Next To You' is out on the 19th May Her new EP 'Girlfriend' is out now for more interviews visit g u e stlist. n e t

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