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Stephen Sinek Seven Sin Design Phoenix Number of years you've been in the wrap business: Since 2005. How did you get started, and what did you do before jumping into the wrap game? My first design job was at a sign shop that was involved in vehicle wraps. I had no previous design training except for what I had taught myself with Adobe software. On the job with no real-world experience, I had to learn with my feet to the fire. My previous employment was as an exterminator and I cringe whenever I think about what might have been had I not pursued my passion for something creative. What is it that you love most about working with wraps? I love the 3-D nature of vehicle wraps. There is something special about creating a one-of-a-kind design specifically 94 • Mid-June 2013 • S I G N SBGuide.indd 94 for a certain vehicle and seeing it manifest as if it were some unique creature you just brought to life. Similar to the feeling of seeing your work in print (on a flyer for example), the scale of the wrap paired with the incredible range of perspective, makes the feeling of reward exponentially greater. What is the most important tip you would give a co-worker to ensure a successful wrap? This is a hard one to answer, because I have so many tips to recommend and a lot of them are equally important. If I have to choose one, I would say make sure your design has one strong focal point, whether it be an image or the company logo. All other elements in the wrap design should fall in line for this one focus to be able to do its job of quickly and easily capturing the viewer's eye. & D I G I TA L G R A P H I C S 5/31/13 12:32 PM

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