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Tommy Strader 360 Wraps Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas What is it that you love most about working with wraps? One of my favorite things about wraps is seeing how you can transform the look of a vehicle and the business that you are wrapping the vehicle for. We have watched as so many of our clients have grown and returned to wrap more vehicles and that really tells us we are doing what we are supposed to. What is the most important tip you would give a co-worker to ensure a successful wrap? Number of years you've been in the wrap business: Six years. How did you get started, and what did you do before jumping into the wrap game? Growing up, my grandfather owned a body shop and I worked with him painting cars and prepping from when I was tall enough to hold a sander and paint gun. After high school, I went into the USAF where I was a C-130 Crew Chief, and then I did marketing for various different companies, and I also raced cars. 96 • Mid-June 2013 • S I G N SBGuide.indd 96 Depends on what the co-worker does in the company. We have a mantra that is "Creating Significance." It's a question we can ask ourself as we work on a project. What I am doing to "Create Significance" for the client? If we're not creating significance, then we need to make sure that we do. Meaning if you just put what the client asked on the vehicle you are not creating significance. Our Creative Director DeVaughn Jones and his design team create significance by asking the client what they want the wrap to do for them and then design the wrap to achieve that goal. Our Sales Manager Felecia Martinez creates significance by selling the client what is going to be best for them. We rarely wrap the roof and bumper on vehicles because it does not add much marketing value to the client but adds to the cost, rather we design around it to flow with the wrap. In the production department, Tyler Dunn is the manager of that area and he creates significance for our clients by making sure that we meet the deadlines he set with the clients. He also makes sure our wrap quality stays at the high standards we expect, and that the client gets the vehicle back cleaned inside and out. As for myself and Angie Strader, our CEO, we make sure that the rest of our team has the tools they need to do their job and we assist them in the higher level decisions that they have to make. All in all it is a team effort, that is why we refer to ourselves as Team360 in all of our social media. There is not one person alone that could do it. SDG & D I G I TA L G R A P H I C S 5/31/13 12:34 PM

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