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Why Choose Kommerling? I keep hearing the words, "Your price is too high." But there are excellent reasons why Kommerling USA products cost a little more. A number of manufacturers of PVC sheets for use in the P.O.P. display market price their products so low that it has me scratching my head. Price is important, of course and there are many ways to help lower the price of the sheets, but in most cases you compromise the integrity of those sheets. There is much, much more that goes into the price than what is on the surface. And unfortunately, they all cost money. We have the widest array of stock sheets in the industry, and we offer the largest variety of colors. We have small minimums for freight to our distribution partners and you can mix and match colors, sheet sizes and thicknesses to reach this. We are flexible in helping our distribution partners so they can deliver a quality sheet at a fair price. That costs money. In production, UV stabilizers and additional TIO2 (titanium dioxide) added to our mix helps the sheets hold their whiteness longer than the competition, and that costs money. Everyone on our production team wears gloves to protect product from finger prints. Each member of our production team goes through four pair of gloves per shift in order to protect the surface. Sure, we could lower our quality, but then we would be like the rest. Quality control checks are performed three times per pallet -- thickness, color and density are all checked for accuracy. In addition, the internal tolerances we use on our sheets are far more demanding than the industry standard. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and tight quality control costs money. In the end, when you see a price disparity, ask yourself if it is going to be worth it. Question the validity of the sheet quality. Will it hold up to the UV stabilizers of a digital flatbed printer and still be white? Will the sheets be without finger prints and ready for press? The old saying rings true here -- you get what you pay for, because there is a lot more that goes into producing a PVC sheet than meets the eye. I would be happy to discuss any of these points in greater detail. Very cordially, Jerry White, Jr. National Sales Manager CALL TODAY! 800-330-2239 ext 275 • Contact Jerry White, Jr. • Use Info # 126 SB_KOMM_1306A.indd 1 5/30/13 1:20 PM

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