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Jon Glen Canawrap New Westminster, B.C., Canada Number of years you've been in the wrap business: Canawrap is now into our fourth year. How did you get started, and what did you do before jumping into the wrap game? During the economic downturn-around 2008, I had to refocus the business from producing and installing dimensional resort real estate environmental graphics because that industry had all but disappeared. After attending a trade show and watching a vehicle wrap competition, I new that was the direction I wanted to take the company. It was highly detailed, creative and offered an enormous advertising and marketing opportunity for business, which I love being able to offer. The work we produced and installed for resort real-estate was very detailed and high end, so the transition was very smooth. What is it that you love most about working with wraps? Every aspect of the process is fun to me. In some cases we have small businesses that come in that require an entire rebrand, giving us the opportunity to rebuild a business visually from scratch and incorporating the entire look/feel in to a mobile billboard. The high level of detail and focus it takes to lay down a really well-done wrap is very 84 • Mid-June 2013 • S I G N SBGuide.indd 84 gratifying, and of course, the customers' reaction when seeing their custom-wrapped graphic for the first time. But the very best part of the entire process is when I get the call only a couple weeks later from the customer hearing that their phone is ringing more and the emails are coming in due to their wrap. That is fantastic! What is the most important tip you would give a co-worker to ensure a successful wrap? Don't short change yourself when quoting a wrap. A well-crafted wrap takes time, so make sure you are charging for that time. If at any point you are skipping a step or taking the "easy way" to get through wrap design/ prep/production or installation, odds are it will catch up with you later on. Properly document a vehicle before you even begin thinking about design, and don't just rely on templates. Slow down at the beginning of your installation and really prepare the vehicle properly. Your application is only as good as the preparation. And if you see an issue during your application, deal with it. Don't think it's going to be easier to deal with it later during your "finishing," i.e. blowing out color, a pinch in the media or bubbles. & D I G I TA L G R A P H I C S 5/31/13 12:24 PM

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