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What is it that you love most about working with wraps? What I love about wrapping is that it never has gotten old. Wrapping cars is a perfect blend of physical and mental work. There is the challenge of wrapping the film properly around a bumper or door handle, getting that perfect work flow, the strange thrill of cutting away the excess film without cutting the car and the fact that when the car is done, I'm done. I determine how long my work day is based on how hard and well I work that day. What is the most important tip you would give a co-worker to ensure a successful wrap? The most important tip is to never skip a step in the process, especially near the end of a wrap when you're tired. Skipping a step no matter how small it seems may feel like it's saving time (e.g. - not sealing all the edges properly, wrapping wrinkle-free under a bumper or post heating the recessed areas) but it will most always cost way more time and money on the back end. Do it right the first time, see you on the back nine (that line would be even better if I actually golfed). S I G N & D I G I TA L G R A P H I C S • SBGuide.indd 87 Mid-June 2013 • 87 5/31/13 12:26 PM

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