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Speed Agile QA Testing Intel® Inspector XE 2013 Find latent errors during agile development—not after you ship. Get reliable product to market faster and meet tight timelines. Automate testing for latent errors like memory corruption, leaks, and data races. Find errors early during unit and regression test. Reduce the cost of errors, and increase product reliability. Static analysis tools are useful, but can suffer from a high false positive rate, poor correlation between testing actions and issues reported, and usually require source code that is unavailable for third-party libraries. Intel® Inspector XE's dynamic analysis is an effective, agile solution for both QA and developers. It integrates with the QA regression environment and is easy for developers to use when debugging problems. Meet Your QA Requirements • No special builds: Use existing builds Meet Your Developer Requirements • No special tests: Use existing unit and regression tests • Zero or very low false error rates: Don't waste developer time on things that are not broken • Full test coverage: Dynamic instrumentation analyzes all the code, including third-party libraries • Debugger integration: Makes errors easy to debug, once they are detected • Easy automation: Command line for integration into existing test processes • Deterministic: Debug non-deterministic errors, like races and deadlocks • Multiple languages: C, C#, assembly, and Fortran • Simple: Easy-to-learn interface • 32/64 bit OS support: The latest Windows* and Linux* • Affordable: Cost-effective for the entire development team Intel® Inspector XE command line (not shown) makes it easy to automate tests. User interface (shown) makes developers productive. It takes you to the source locations of threading and memory errors, and provides a call stack to help determine how you got there. "Intel Inspector XE has dramatically sped up our ability to find/fix memory problems and track down difficult to isolate threading errors before our packages are released to the field." Peter von Kaenel, Director, Software Development, Harmonic Inc. Learn more about Intel® Inspector XE and download a free evaluation copy: For more information regarding performance and optimization choices in Intel® software products, visit © 2013, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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