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THE CHASE IS ON Chase Warren Is Determined To Win A 2021 Class 10 Championship By Dan Sanchez Photos by Get Some Photo Two years ago, Chase Warren lost the Class 10 championship by one point. In 2020 he won the championship but didn’t get any race wins. This year, Warren is determined to do both, and with a victory at the BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250 Presented by Ford, he’s more confident and ready to win. “We want to win more races,” says Warren. “It was cool coming back to San Felipe, and it seemed like there was more competition. We started 12th but worked our way up the course.” For Class 10 racers, the San Felipe racecourse can be extremely hard on vehicles and drivers, but Warren likes that type of course. “I love the rough course and the big whoops sections,” he says. “The rougher the better. We spend a lot of time setting up the car so we can push harder in these sections.” Their set-up proved to be right-on as Warren and his team quickly moved into the class lead on the course by mile 50. “We made it to first before we dropped into the washes,” says Warren. “We got a flat and changed a tire, but then got back into the first position and continued our pace. About 45-50 miles from the finish, we got another flat. A SCORE Trophy Truck and a Class 10 car got past us. We knew we had some room starting 4.5 minutes behind the Class 10 competitor, and we got right to them and finished second on the course, but had the faster time to win the class.” With 23 competitors in the class at this race, the competition was tough but Warren prevailed. “It’s nice to get in a win where everybody was back,” said Warren. “Last year, we were chasing mechanical issues while leading. Now we have a new mechanic and are prepping the car better. We also have BFGoodrich tires, Baja Designs, Fox, and Raceline Wheels, who have been great sponsors for us, and we’re happy to bring them a win.” With Class 10 being considered a “driver’s” class, Warren says the win is part of the team’s effort. “We’ve had to make do with fewer people because of COVID, but this time we had 8-10 of us total, and it worked. We have lots of experienced people, and my dad, Chris Warren, is the biggest part of the team. He does so much work on the car and to get us down here. We spend more time together, and it forces us into a schedule. This class is a level playing field, and I hope our experience will eventually get us into an unlimited vehicle. But for now, we’re happy with the win and ready for more.” SJ

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