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July 2021

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Product News EMAIL: 1 Hard & Soft Landscaping The latest case studies & product updates Pages 10-11 Weed & Pest Control Solutions to tackle the age-old problems Pages 13-14 Pages 24-25 Top Dressers & Spreaders Spotlight on the latest machinery & equipment L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y . c o m July 2021 Special Feature Professional Groundscare Supplement READER ENQUIRY 4 The Amenity Forum working with partners is promoting a w e e k o f c e l e b r a t i o n commencing September 20th. Too often the work of those in managing amenity and sports spaces goes unnoticed and this week gives opportunity for all to learn more about what they do, really keeping Britain moving. Never has this been more highlighted than in the past year, Amenity Forum launches Green Feet Week Husqvarna launches new CEORA system Parks in a pandemic: what have we learned? The first wave of the Covid- 19 pandemic thrust urban parks into the public spotlight. Government ministers repeated a welcome message that these green spaces were essential for exercise and mental wellbeing. L e s s w e l c o m e w e r e t h e media images of crowded parks awash with sunbathers, complaints about littering and over-zealous policing, and the closure in March of important urban spaces. Parks matter because they enable us to stay healthy, to socialise and build community, and to connect with nature. The National Trust recently commissioned a study from consultants Vivid Economics and Barton Wilmore arguing that a £5.5 billion capital investment in new and refurbished parks, focusing on the most disadvantaged areas, could generate physical and mental health benefits worth £200 billion over 30 years. Research for the National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery Community Fund supports this case for capital investment, but stresses that investment in places needs to be accompanied by investment in people to succeed. Its report, Space to Thrive, first published in January 2020, showed how hundreds of academic studies have revealed the value of public parks. The challenges of over-use on the one hand and exclusion on the other raise important questions for future investment in parks and green spaces. Covid-19 has emphasised the many functions parks serve within a community, and all of them are important – from providing a space for nature to offering opportunities to play or sit quietly, or take part in social or therapeutic activities. There is also a need for parks to be managed and facilitated to enable community activities to resume safely. Covid-19 has flagged some important issues about the value of urban parks and the risks if they are not looked after well. As and the government considers spending for the coming year and beyond, and prepares to introduce far-reaching planning legislation, we must make the most of the opportunity and avoid potential pitfalls. First, we must appreciate the value of the many urban parks and green spaces we already have. Second, we must recognise that providing a park is not enough on its own - parks need to be positively managed and looked after. Third, we need to ensure that new developments and communities include well-managed, diverse and appropriate green spaces to serve all the people who will live in them. National Lottery Heritage Fund Enquiry 1 Husqvarna has unveiled CEORA, a new solution for commercial turf care management which it believes will revolutionise an industry dominated by heavy, conventional mowers. CEORA can independently mow an area the equivalent of up to eight football pitches day or night. This significantly reduces overall costs and allows staff to focus on value- adding tasks. The electric operation minimises noise and reduces emissions to zero. The machine itself is purpose built to be autonomous and is designed with safety in mind. Key features include its light weight, safer blades and ability to detect objects and move around them. In the future, the ground- breaking solution of CEORA opens up for a wide range of accessories, including to help with fertilizing, lawn striping or collecting golf balls. More details can be found in our Turf Management feature. Husqvarna Enquiry 2 keeping transport networks working, parks open for exercise and enjoyment and more. I n G r e e n F e e t W e e k , organisations and individuals working in the sector will get involved in charitable activities, large and small, and tell their stories of what they do and why what they do matters to everyone. Amenity Forum Enquiry 3 FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN VISIT

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