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LYING DOWN FOR PERFORMANCE Many SCORE Racers Opt To Use An IV To Improve Performance And Endurance By Stuart Bourdon Photos by Finishline IV Hydration  Athletes in sporting events ranging from professional football to off-road racing have used IV infusions to ensure peak performance. According to Julie Boyer, Nurse Practitioner, off-road racer, and owner of FinishLine IV Therapy, intravenous infusions boost energy levels naturally through the use of vitamins, medications, and amino acids. At SCORE races, many drivers like this performance-enhancer and believe it helps during a long and hot race.  Boyer and her team have assisted off-road racers with IV infusions for many years and believe that IV infusion helps decrease muscle recovery time by boosting muscle repair. “One way to ensure that you get all the fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients your body needs is via IV therapy,” she said. “After an intense race, your blood is concentrated in your muscles and is diverted from your digestive tract, making it difficult to absorb fluids and nutrients.”  Top drivers such as Alan Ampudia, Cameron Steele, Ricky Brabec, Sara Price, Tim Herbst, and entire teams in off-road racing eagerly take advantage of IV drips leading up to a race. FinishLine IV Therapy is a mobile unit available to all racers during tech and contingency. According to Boyer, the treatment contains a custom blend of vitamins, nutrients, and medications designed to help drivers maintain the highest level of performance and endurance while also reducing post-race inflammation. Julie added, “Optimal hydration through an IV infusion is achieved when administered between 12 and 24 hours before a race. Your body absorbs 100 percent of the nutrients and medications when administered directly into the bloodstream, compared to only about 30 percent of vitamins that can be absorbed orally. Even if you chug water before, during, and after a race, you still suffer from loss of electrolytes.” The treatments range from $100 to $180 depending on the vitamins and nutrients added to the mixture, and therapy sessions typically take between 45-60 minutes. More information can be found at  S

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