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INSIDE: Important Year-End Considerations | Bridging the Gap: Eliminating Disparities in Cancer Prevention and Care Dr. Peter Shore was the kind of physician that patients trusted implicitly for an accurate diagnosis, and they often sought his opinion even after he retired. When Dr. Shore fell at age 87 and was taken to the emergency room, his two sons Graham and Howard found him completely alert to a physician's questions. But two days later, Dr. Shore could barely speak. The diagnosis: a brain tumor. Through genetic testing that can analyze tumor DNA, the Shores learned that the brain malignancy was a secondary cancer. The primary disease was melanoma, the most serious of skin cancers. It had metastasized to Dr. Shore's brain and lungs. Ironically, years earlier it was Dr. Shore who had noticed an unusual mole on Graham's skin. His astute observation led to a diagnosis of early-stage melanoma and immediate treatment for his son. Honoring Their Father's Legacy of Care Reflecting on the Future | Fall 2021 Continued on Page 2 Like our father, the doctors and all the personnel [at MSK] will always put the patient first." —Howard Shore, MSK Patient In Dr. Shore's case, there had been no prior sign that he was ill. The specialists did all they could, but the disease had progressed undetected for too long. Dr. Shore died a few months later. Dr. Shore had always impressed upon his family the importance of an early diagnosis. His sons, because of their family history, made regular appointments to have their skin checked for cancer. During a trip to New York City, Howard realized he was overdue for a skin check. The physician took a biopsy of a suspicious mole, which was diagnosed as stage I melanoma. Since it was discovered early, the cancer was easily removed. Howard, like Graham, was fortunate. Howard had been referred to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) where he met Allan Halpern, MD, Chief of the Dermatology Service. "I knew the moment I met him that I wanted to stay under his care, even though I don't live in New York," says Howard. "Dr. Halpern is a wonderful doctor, and MSK is an exceptional institution."

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