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2 SUMMER 2021 FOR A RESPONSIBLE CANADIAN FOODSERVICE INDUSTRY change One of my favourite leadership challenges is CHANGE. Change is a process that comes with a wide array of emotions. One of my favourite authors is leadership expert and Canadian, Robin Sharma. He has researched and written about complex leadership issues—breaking them down them into accessible and clear lessons. One of my favourite quotes comes from Sharma: "All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end." Before we jump into the practical side of what is referred to as the "change leadership process," it's important to acknowledge the emotions around change. What most experts don't tell you about is the extreme depth of that uncomfortable feeling some people experience through the many changes we live through in our personal and professional lives. I mention it here for one reason. As you embark on your change journey as a sustainably-minded foodservice professional or business owner, you may be feeling the pain and discomfort of change. And you may not even know that's what and why you are feeling. Take a moment to identify what's happening within you. And know that these feelings can be a sign of progress within the change leadership process. One change leadership process that has served me well throughout my career is a model developed by Multi-Health Systems called Change Navigator—a change process model designed based on decades of adult behavioural research. It is a simple and effective process that helps people through the stages of transition that are common to periods of change. Here it is as a resource. FOREWORD Processing and powering through change BY JOE BAKER

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