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November/December 2021

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24 Sugar Producer NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 Strong Results Hilleshög Seed's R&D efforts prove fruitful for growers across U.S. and Canada As plans are made for 2022 sugarbeet crop orders, Hilleshög Seed urges growers to look to its varieties to help maximize sugar production. The need for improved sugar content while managing key disease challenges like Cercospora and Alternaria leaf spot, Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces are top priorities for many sugar companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Hilleshög Seed has responded with varieties that performed strongly during the 2021 growing season, and the company is launching new varieties bred to withstand local growing conditions and disease pressures. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Landskrona, Sweden, is home to Hilleshög's research and development program that extends to various locations in the U.S. Yield trial and disease nursery activities in the U.S. are escalating in response to increased disease challenges in all growing areas. Hilleshög Seed has increased R&D activities with a major focus on Cercospora leaf spot, Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces while improving sugar content. Its robust breeding program continues to develop varieties that will outpace local pressures. MICHIGAN SUGAR Hilleshög continues to improve yield while maximizing extractable sugar. Based on 2020 OVT approvals, Hilleshög has unveiled two new hybrids. The first is HIL2332NT, a high-yielding nematode-resistant variety with a superior disease package. HIL2361 brings excellent Cercospora protection and root aphid tolerance while focusing on high extractable sugar potential. Building off our strong foundation we are on track for 2022 to advance additional offerings with excellent Cercospora and Rhizoctonia in addition to maintaining high sugar quality. AMERICAN CRYSTAL Hilleshög is offering four new high- performing varieties this year based on OVT approvals. These new offerings include HIL2320, with a robust yield/ sugar profile and a broad disease package. The second newcomer is HIL2366, with good yield potential and a moderate disease package. The third new hybrid, HIL2367, features well- balanced tons and sugar with good Aphanomyces tolerance. HIL2368 is a high sugar content hybrid with a robust disease package that includes Fusarium tolerances. MINN-DAK FARMERS COOPERATIVE Hilleshög has new options for Minn-Dak growers in 2022. Based on OVT approval, HIL2325 looked great in the OVT trials as well as in the field this past year with its strong disease package and very competitive yields and sugars. Hilleshög is offering the potential for two new varieties based on OVT approvals: HIL2372 and HIL2374, each of which has a great disease package with highly competitive performance attributes. SOUTHERN MINNESOTA BEET SUGAR COOPERATIVE HIL2327 was a strong performer in both the OVTs and in the field this past year. A new hybrid based on approval, HIL2379, is poised to bring an excellent disease package and great yield potential. AMALGAMATED SUGAR Hilleshög has five potential nematode-tolerant varieties up for approval in 2022. HIL2204NT and HIL2301NT have excellent nematode protection with great yield potential. HIL2355NT, HIL2356NT and HIL2357NT bring nematode tolerances with improved sugar content and competitive yield potential. WESTERN SUGAR NORTH Showing very well in the field, HIL2311NT is a new variety that brings increased disease tolerance packages. Hilleshög representatives are encouraging many growers to include this hybrid in their field plans. WYOMING SUGAR HIL2364NT is a nematode option for Wyoming Sugar Company growers. This hybrid brings a good disease package with strong yield opportunities. LANTIC SUGAR HIL2307 brings a new option for a nice balance of yield and sugar to boost grower revenues. n

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