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Page 37 of 99 38 800-247-7668 H O W T O S E L E C T Y O U R N E X T V O L L E Y B A L L S Y S T E M Net Height Adjustment Ease Fine tuning of the net height to meet volleyball rules can be time consuming and irritating especially for inexperienced net system setup staff. Some manufacturers including Bison offer net systems that allow small net height adjustments with an integrated hand operated adjustment lead screw with only minor or no reduction in net tension. See Bison VB1100 and VB7000 for Bison options. Winch Durability The winch is the "heart" of a volleyball system and is critical to providing proper net tensioning, smooth operation, and long-term durability. Bison has always offered a lifetime warranty on the winches we include with all 3" diameter carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel posts and we recently made additional design and assembly improvements to this winch to further reduce the risk of failure in the field. We have also expanded our in-house testing to insure that every winch that leaves our facility will match the quality that our customers deserve. Is there any reason to buy a volleyball system that doesn't have a lifetime post and winch warranty? Floor Attachment Most programs want the convenience of posts that drop into floor sockets permanently mounted in the floor. Some gymnasiums, such as upper level gyms, facilities with portable floors or ice refrigerant lines in the sub floor, however, are difficult if not impossible to fit with floor sockets. In these cases, portables that only require floor anchors might be preferable. Truly portable systems (no floor anchoring) are available and generally have a higher price tag and/or require significantly more storage area. Post Weight Starting in the 1990's, lightweight aluminum posts gained popularity due to their relative ease of set up and storage. Some buyers have, however, become disenchanted with their aluminum systems due to lack of durability and rigidity. The value of lightweight posts will depend upon how often you set up and tear down your equipment and, in the case of many manufacturers, your tolerance for excess post deflection when the net is tensioned. Some aluminum systems outperform those from other manufacturers. The newest technology available uses carbon fiber to achieve lighter than aluminum, as stiff as steel results. Deflection For ideal playability, the top rope of a competition net is usually tensioned between 150# and 250#, depending on the system. This tension causes some inward deflection of even the most rigid steel posts. Excessive deflection makes net tensioning and net height adjustment difficult and results in unsightly bent posts. Choose a system that you feel balances weight, features and deflection. Steel and carbon fiber posts are most rigid. Aluminum posts are less rigid and deflection varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Program Level Your needs will vary depending upon the intended level of play. Systems with telescoping net height adjustment, where the top of the net is always level with the top of the posts, are most popular with collegiate and elite high school programs. Other systems that offer features like tennis to volleyball height adjustment are common for programs that want to use the System Deflection same systems for competition power volleyball one day and recreation and physical education classes the next. Generally these systems offer not only versatility but also tight budget affordability. Post Size If you are installing a new system including floor sockets, the size of the selected posts will automatically match your new sockets. Retrofitting new systems into existing sockets, however, requires purchasing posts to match your sockets. There are three competition sizes in the industry: 3", 3½" and 4" (100mm). Most manufacturers offer adapters which allow you to put smaller posts into bigger sockets. Some are free (including Bison's), others are at an additional cost. Installation of large posts in small sockets is possible but not ideal. Check with the manufacturer before you buy. Totally replacing existing sockets is an undesirable and expensive option in most cases. See page 47 for options. Transport and Storage In a perfect world, you would snap your fingers and your volleyball system would magically appear. While it's not a perfect world, your equipment selection will, in large part, determine your future set up time and efforts. If you are selecting from the wide range of other transportable pole systems, consider issues such as pole weight, available storage and transport dollies to make the best decision for your program. Budget There is a wide range of systems that meet all applicable NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA rules. Like any equipment, the amount you wish to spend depends upon your budget and the features your program needs. Generally, you pay more for the convenience of lightweight aluminum. New high tech carbon fiber systems are priced above aluminum but have many additional features including superior resistance to deflection. Post Padding Most programs want padding to match their school or facility colors. Some manufacturers offer limited colors or charge extra for expanded color options. Adding lettering to the padding is now very popular as it helps increase school spirit and improves the look of your courts. By and large, stick-on vinyl letters are not a good long-term lettering option as they will curl over time. Most complete Bison systems ordered offer printed lettering or, in some cases, full color graphic padding at no extra charge. Bison also offers optional full color graphic padding as an upgrade option. Warranty You'll want to know that the manufacturer will stand behind the product in the event of needed repairs or part replacement. Look for written warranties and buy from manufacturers who have a strong reputation for dependable customer service. Purchasing through a local dealer is not only friendly to the local economy but improves your service when you need help. With 13 options to choose from if Bison doesn't offer the perfect option for your facility, it probably doesn't exist. Consider these factors before you buy.

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