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Page 54 of 99 55 800-247-7668 Floor Plate Style Floor Type Cover OD Cover Opening Cover Only 1¾" Square Socket 2 3 /8" Diameter Socket Aluminum 3" Diameter Socket Steel 3" Diameter Socket Aluminum 3½" Diameter Socket Steel 3½" Diameter Socket Aluminum 4" Diameter Socket Large Hinged Brass Floating Wood 8" 6" VB23-CV N/A N/A VB23 VB23ST VB26 VB26ST VB27 Large Lockable Hinged Brass Floating Wood 8" 6" VB23LK-CV N/A N/A VB23LK N/A VB26LK N/A VB27LK Large Swivel Chrome Plated Steel Floating Wood 8" 4½" VB23CH-CV N/A N/A VB23CH N/A VB26CH N/A VB27CH Large Plated Aluminum Non Floating Tile, Concrete, Synthetic 7½" 4" N/A N/A VB24 VB235 N/A VB21 N/A VB22 Small Hinged Brass Floating Wood 4½" 3" BM30-CV BM21 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Socket Depth N/A N/A N/A N/A 12" 12.5" 10" 10" 10" 10" 13" Floor Socket Selection Chart Bison Premium Floor Sockets Volleyball and badminton systems come in multiple sizes, all gym flooring systems are not the same and every facility has different floor cover priorities. Bison has a premium floor socket for every application. All Bison floor sockets start with Bison's exclusive aluminum extrusion that not only eliminates rust but eliminates the sloppy fit found with other manufacturers' welded steel floor sockets. Bison now offers 3" and 3½" steel floor sockets if preferred (see below). A unique shimming system allows Bison volleyball floor sockets to easily install in the floor at an approximate 2% outward angle to compensate for post deflection found on even the most rigid steel systems. Floor plates are available in four different styles including our most popular hinged brass, lockable hinged brass, swiveling chrome plated steel and plated aluminum. With our mini hinged brass badminton socket cover, you won't have to have oversize covers in your gym floor. VB23, VB26, VB27 Hinged Brass VB23-CV Hinged Brass VB23CH-CV Chrome Plated Steel VB23LK-CV Lockable Hinged Brass BM30-CV Small Hinged Brass VB235, VB21, VB22 Plated Aluminum VB23CH, VB26CH, VB27CH Chrome Plated Steel VB23LK, VB26LK, VB27LK Lockable Hinged Brass BM21 Small Hinged Brass Floor Socket Cover Plates Only Replace existing worn out or damaged floor plates or install to provide easy access to subfloor electrical plugs, anchors or other hidden components. Choose from four options. Floor Socket Gauge Kit Aren't 100% sure of your existing volleyball floor socket size?....these sample pole sizes will guarantee that you select the right size poles to fit your sockets. Set of 3 (3", 3½", 4"). VB23ST/VB26ST Steel Floor Sockets with Hinged Brass Covers Bison now offers steel 3" (VB23ST) and 3½" (VB26ST) floor sockets as a substitute for our preferred extruded "proper fit" aluminum sockets • Same hinged brass floor plate as VB23 and VB26 • You can now choose either aluminum or steel sockets at the same cost. FREE! Upon Request See for Product Videos V O L L E Y B A L L FL O O R S O C K E T S A N D A N C H O R S

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