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Page 91 of 99 92 800-247-7668 B A C K B O A R D D R AW I N G S /C O U R T & FI E L D D I A G R A M S BA42XL BA48XLC BA42XLC BA48 BA42E BA48XL BA407C Note: All lines on the court are 2 inches wide. For the center line, a solid or shad- ow-bordered 2-inch-wide line is permissible. The border or outlines for the shad- owed center line shall be at least ΒΌ-inch wide and shall be within the 2-inch width. It is recommended that the court should be clear of obstructions and the overhead playable area should be at least 23 feet high. COURT DIAGRAM Standard English Measurements Team Bench MIN. 6' 6'' 8'' 8'' SERVING AREA Attack line Attack line Team Bench Officials Table 60' - 3'- 10' LF CF CB LB RF RB 30' Referee's Platform SERVING AREA Sub zone Libero replacement zone Libero replacement zone Sub zone MIN. 6' 10' There shall be a minimum clearance of 6' completely surrounding the court. 10 Rule 1 / The Field oF Play High School Basketball Volleyball College Basketball Soccer More court diagrams can be found at See pages 84-85 for BA407G, BA472, and BA495 drawings.

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