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Mindful Indulgences: Canada's Exclusive Hidden Gems

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D E S T I N A T I O N C A N A D A In a remote and rugged Pacifi c Coast setting, unforgettable rewards await your incentive winners as they discover a deeper connection with nature—and with themselves—at Nimmo Bay Resort. The tranquility of the surrounding wilderness inspires innovative ideas, while shared adventures, and customized wellness and culinary experiences, incite team camaraderie and positive change. Located in the lush Great Bear Rainforest, guests arrive by fl oatplane or helicopter to this secluded luxury property. The experts at Nimmo Bay curate bespoke programs for personal and professional growth. Brianna Sloan, marketing and reservations, says, "We have a very creative team that are looking to wow guests with something that has never been done before," adding, "as staff get to know guests, moments are created based on their interests, so experiences can be unique to each group." Nestled in temperate rainforest, wellness is inherent in every stay, but enhancements can be woven into itineraries. Transformative holistic treatments, private yoga sessions in the wild and soothing steams in the fl oating cedar sauna leave groups invigorated. Forest bathing in groves of giant cedars and ferns engages guests' senses as they are led through guided refl ections and journaling. Push your team outside their comfort zones with helicopter journeys and coastal safari adventures to out-of-this-world wilderness locations. As they paddle board off remote beaches, hike through old-growth forests and Nimmo Bay Resort, British Columbia fl y fi sh in glacier-fed rivers, they'll be stirred by the sight of bears foraging along the shoreline and orcas roaming the waters around Nimmo Bay. The resort's hyper-sustainable culinary approach, highlighting the bounty of the Pacifi c Northwest, delivers a nourishing, multi-sensory experience, connecting guests to this natural setting. Linnea LeTourneau, executive chef, notes that with their favourable location between land and ocean, they can respectfully forage ingredients from the forest and ocean fl oor. Groups can take part in the earth-to-table experience by gathering wild vegetation on hikes, having Nimmo Bay guides free dive for their dinner and learning how the culinary team showcases the fresh, delicate fl avours. LeTourneau says, "We try to present the ingredients to guests with as little manipulation as possible to show them for what they are—and allow them to shine." PHOTOS: JEREMY KORESKI/NIMMO BAY RESORT Coastal Dining Wilderness massage Kayaking the channels 2 Read our interview with Chef Linnea LeTourneau

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