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THE 2022 POLARIS RZR PRO R AND RZR TURBO R From The Factory Floor To The BaJa Starting Line, The New Polaris RZR Family Redefines The Off-Road Experience By Elijah Sanchez Polaris, the official UTV of SCORE International Off-Road Racing, upholds its title as the global leader in powersports and leader of off-road innovation with its new 2022 model RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R.  These new UTVs offer the most powerful engine ever put in a stock side-by-side and the most dynamic and capable suspension ever designed by Polaris. The RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R are raising the bar for strength, power, control, and the overall standard for the off-road experience. RZR PRO R The RZR Pro R state-of-the-art engine, chassis, and suspension package is right on par for what a Baja race title contender vehicle would be. To start, it features the biggest engine ever put in a stock side-by-side, a ProStar Fury 2.0L four-cylinder engine delivering 225 horsepower. The engine provides all useable power throughout the powerband for continuous optimum performance. A stronger clutch belt delivers power directly to the ground for rapid acceleration right off the starting line.  To harness the Pro R’s greater capacity for speed, Polaris added three selectable throttle control modes— Sport, Rock, and Race, that allow simplified throttle sensitivity adjustment to ensure power is harnessed and available the instant it is needed. While built for speed, the RZR Pro R is also built to last. A one-piece chassis paired with a fully welded one-piece roll cage, substantial boxed steel A-arms, and enhanced hubs provide reliable strength. A fully redesigned airflow system with dual-path clutch cooling also extends belt life and drive time, and a new torque limiter protects the front-drive from unexpected power surges. A 74-inch stance and MaxLink suspension with 29-inches of travel, provides the stability needed to take on Baja’s whoops and rocky terrain at the fast speeds the RZR Pro R is capable of. Equipped with DYNAMIX DV’s first and only independent compression and rebound system, the full range of motion of the shocks is achieved. Four suspension and steering modes monitor inputs from the driver and machine 200 times per second, independently adjusting the compression and rebound dampening. The RIDE COMMAND system keeps suspension mode monitoring in one place at your fingertips, along with the entertainment system, GPS, and route tracking. The RZR PRO R two-seater U.S MSRP starts at $31,999, and the RZR PRO R four-seater U.S MSRP starts at $35,999. RZR Turbo R  Rivaling the RZR Pro R, the RZR Turbo R is also unmatched with its enduring strength and capability, also delivering Baja-ready performance straight from the factory. With a turbocharged four-stroke twin-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine, RZR Turbo R is equipped with 181 horsepower and the same state-of-the-art suspension as RZR Pro R. Bypass shocks offer 27-inches of useable front suspension combined with a lower low gear supplying torque at low RPM for easier crawling on rock-strewn and demanding terrain. Like the RZR Pro R, RZR Turbo R is built for strength with a one-piece chassis, a strengthened roll cage, unitized hubs, boxed front dual A-arms, and a beefy suspension system built to withstand harsh terrain.   RZR Turbo R stands as the widest RZR offered at 74-inches with an optimized 96-inch wheelbase on 2-seat models, and 125-inch on the 4-seaters. Like the RZR Pro R, RZR Turbo R has four new suspension and steering modes that monitor and automatically adjust compression and rebound dampening to keep wheels in contact with the ground, ensuring optimal stability and turning radius. With 28-inches of usable travel, the groundbreaking MaxLink Suspension system attaches front shocks directly to the lower arms, allowing for the use of longer shocks combined with a patented rear toe-link keeping the rear suspension tracking for a smoother and more controlled ride. The two seat RZR Turbo R U.S MSRP starts at $25,999, while four-seat RZR Turbo R 4 U.S MSRP starts at $29,99. Additionally, Polaris is launching more than seventy specially engineered accessories for the new RZR family models for customization and personalization purposes. Developed in partnership with some of the most well-known and trusted brands in the industry, Polaris created three specially curated collections, Desert, Dune, and Rugged Trail, all with features designed to handle different terrain. Polaris is also introducing stylish Pro Armor five-lug wheels (to be paired with 32” or 33” tires), and other accessories including cages, roofs, windshields, and storage options.   With a long line of racing history and victories won in SCORE Baja racing, Polaris continuously creates more powerful and more capable vehicles. There’s no doubt that the RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R’s unparalleled performance and innovation will soon be in action on the race course. Side-by-Side enthusiasts however, will have to wait until Spring 2022 to get their hands on one.

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