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Fungicide Efficacy Table for Fruiting Veg 148 Midwest Veg Guide 2022 Fungicide Efficacy Table for Fruiting Veg Reviewed by Dan Egel, Sally Miller – September 2021 This table includes efficacy information about the fungicides recommended in this guide, based on research and experience of authors. The products are listed alphabetically by Trade Names. VG=very good, G=good, F=fair, P=poor, S=suppression Trade Names (REI/PHI) Active Ingredients MOA or FRAC code: fungicides with a number as the MOA code should be tank- mixed or alternated with a different MOA code according to the label. Anthracnose (tomato) Anthracnose (pepper) Bacterial Canker Bacterial Spot/Speck Botrytis Gray Mold Buckeye Rot Early Blight Septoria Leaf Blight Late Blight (tomato) Phytophthora Blight (pepper) Leaf Mold White Mold Actigard (12h/14d) acibenzolar-S-methyl (P1) F Agri-Mycin 17, Streptomycin (12h/-) streptomycin sulfate (25) F Aprovia Top (12h/0d) benzovindiflupyr (7), difenconazole (3) VG VG VG Botran (12h/10d) 2, 6-dichloro-4-nitroanaline (29) G Bravo, Echo, Equus (12h/0d) chlorothalonil (M5) G G F G G VG F Cabrio (12h/0d) pyraclostrobin (11) G VG F VG VG P S Contans WG (4h/-) CON/M/91-08 (NA) F copper (4h to 48h/0d) copper (M1) F F P F P F F F Curzate 60DF (12h/3d) cymoxanil (27) VG F Dithane, Manzate, Penncozeb (24h/5d) mancozeb (M3) F F G G F F Elumin (12h/2d) ethaboxam (22) G Endura (12h/0d) boscalid (7) VG G Fontelis (12h/0d) penthiopyrad (7) S S G VG VG Gavel (48h/5d) mancozeb (M3), zoxamide (22) F G G F F Inspire Super (12h/0d) difenconazole (3), cyprodinil (9) F F G VG G G Luna Sensation (12h/3d) fluopyram (7), trifloxystrobin (11) S VG G VG G Luna Tranquility (12h/1d) fluopyram (7), pyrimethanil (9) VG VG Miravis Prime (12h/0d) pydiflumeton (7), fludioxonil (12) VG VG Orondis Gold 200 (4h/0d) oxathiapipropilin (49) F Orondis Opti (12h/3d) oxathiapipropilin (49), chlorothalonil (M5) VG G Orondis Ultra (4h/1d) oxathiapipropilin (49), mandipropamid (40) VG VG Presidio (12h/2d) fluopicolide (43) VG G Previcur Flex (12h/5d) propamocarb hydrochloride (28) VG F Priaxor (12h/0d) fluxapyroxad (7), pyraclostrobin (11) G G F VG G S S Quadris (4h/0d) azoxystrobin (11) G G P VG VG P Quadris Top (12h/0d) azoxystrobin (11), difenconazole (3) G VG VG VG G Ranman (12h/0d) cyazofamid (21) VG G Reason (12h/14d) fenamidone (11) VG VG S S Regalia Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis (P5) G Revus Top (12h/1d) mandipropamid (40), difenconazole (3) G G G G G Ridomil Gold (48h/7d) mefanoxam (4) G VG G Scala (12h/1d) pyrimethanil (9) G G Switch (12h/0d) cyprodinil (9), fludioxanil (12) G VG Tanos (12h/3d) cymoxanil (27), famoxadone (11) F G S S S G G G F Zampro (12h/4d) amitoctradin (45), dimethomorph (40) VG F Zing (12h/5d) zoxomide (22), chlorothalonil (M5) G G VG

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