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Fruiting Vegetables – Diseases Midwest Veg Guide 2022 157 Pageant Intrinsic (boscalid, pyraclostrobin) Eggplant, Pepper | Rates are as follow per acre: Powdery mildew at 9.7- 18 oz.; gray mold at 23 oz. Do not apply on seedlings meant for transplanting in the field. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC 07, FRAC 11. Pageant Intrinsic (boscalid, pyraclostrobin) Tomato | Rates are as follows per acre.: Gray mold, 23 oz.; anthracnose and early blight 12.25-23 oz. Labeled for greenhouse-/high tunnel-grown tomatoes. Do not apply on seedlings meant for transplanting in the field. For Pythium and Rhizoctonia spp. use 12-18 oz. per 100 gals. water. Do not apply on seedlings meant for transplanting in the field. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0- day. FRAC 07, FRAC 11. Scala (SC) (5) (pyrimethanil) Tomato | 7 fl. oz. per acre. Tank-mix with another fungicide. Allow greenhouse/high tunnel to ventilate for 2 hours. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 1-day. FRAC 09. Switch 62.5WG (cyprodinil, fludioxonil) Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato | 11-14 oz. per acre. Do not apply to small fruited varieties in the greenhouse. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC 09, FRAC 12. Late Blight of Potatoes/Tomatoes - Phytophthora Oomycete This destructive pathogen causes quick plant death and can be identified by large spreading brown to black stem lesions, velvety white growth on plant surfaces, and large brown leathery spots on green fruits. It is favored by prolonged cool and damp conditions. The pathogen overwinters on plant residue, including volunteer potatoes and potato cull piles. The first step to manage this disease is monitoring and destroying cull and volunteer potato emergence in the spring. When it is reported in your region, begin weekly preventive sprays with chlorothalonil and mancozeb for as long as favorable conditions persist. Pay attention to which pathogen strain is identified. If infections start in a field, the strain US-23 is sensitive to mefenoxam (Ridomil). Biofungicide products like Double Nickel, Regalia, Serifel, Serenade, Sonata, and Stargus can be included in a conventional spray program to reduce the number of synthetic fungicides or in an organic program with OMRI- listed copper products. See labels for instructions. Non-Pesticide Tomato | Avoid fields with a history the disease. Rotate to non-Solanaceous crops (including potatoes) for 3-4 years. Use raised beds, staking, pruning, and mulch to improve drainage, air flow, and reduce splashing. Prompt destruction of the infected crop or finished crop with tillage to rapidly breakdown tissue is an important method to prevent disease build-up. In small plantings, remove infected plants from the field and dispose in a sealed trash container, or burn. Anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) is an effective biological treatment for greenhouse and high tunnel soils that contain this pathogen. Pesticide chlorothalonil products (chlorothalonil) Tomato | Several formulations of chlorothalonil (Bravo, Echo, Equus, Initiate, Omni, Oranil, Praiz) are labeled at various rates. See label for directions. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC M05. copper products (copper hydroxide, copper octanoate, copper oxychloride, copper sulfate, copper diammonium diacetate complex, cuprous oxide) Tomato | Several formulations of copper (Badge, Champ, Kocide) are labelled for use and may improve efficacy of fungicides against Phytophthora blight when tank mixed at labeled rates. See label for directions. REI: 4 to 48-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC M01. OMRI-listed. Flint (50) (trifloxystrobin) Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato | Application rates depend on formulation, product and crop. Gem 500 SC is available at the same rates as Flint. Flint Extra may have different rates. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 3-day. FRAC 11. Forum (4.17SC) (dimethomorph) Eggplant, Pepper | 6 fl. oz. per acre. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC 40. Gavel 75DF (zoxamide, mancozeb) Tomato | 1.5-2 lbs. per acre. REI: 48-hour. PHI: 5-day. FRAC 22, FRAC M03. mancozeb products (mancozeb) Pepper | Several formulations of mancozeb (Dithane, Manzate, Penncozeb) are labeled at various rates. See label for directions. REI: 24- hour. PHI: 5-day. FRAC M03. Mural (WG) (azoxystrobin, benzovindiflupyr) Tomato | 0.6 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. Tomato Transplants for Home Consumer Market. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 0-day. FRAC 11, FRAC 07. Orondis Opti Premix (SC) (oxathiapiprolin, chlorothalonil) Tomato | 1.75-2.5 pt. per acre. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 3-day. FRAC 49, FRAC M05. Orondis Ultra Premix (SC) (oxathiapiprolin, mandipropamid) Tomato | 5.5-8.0 fl. oz. per acre. Alternate with fungicides that have a different mode of action. Use either soil applications or foilar applications of oxathiapiproplin products, but not both. REI: 4-hour. PHI: 1- day. FRAC 49, FRAC 40. Presidio (4SC) (fluopicolide) Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato | 3- 4 fl. oz. per acre. Must be tank-mixed with a product with a

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