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Potato – Weeds 246 5FS, Cruiser Maxx, and Cruiser Maxx Potato). For best results, plant potatoes immediately after treatment. PHI: See label. IRAC 04A, IRAC 05, IRAC 06. Thimet 20G (phorate) | Light or sandy soils: 8.5-11.3 oz. per 1,000 ft. of row for any row spacing larger than 32-inches. Use at planting or postemergence. Heavy or clay soils: 13.0- 17.3 oz. per 1,000 ft. of row. Do not use post emergence. Apply as a band application on each side of row and beneath soil surfaces, or in the seed furrow. REI: 48-hour. PHI: 90- day. IRAC 01B. RUP. Potato – Weeds Reviewed by Stephen Meyers, Ben Phillips – Sept 2021 Recommended Controls All Weeds A relatively large number of herbicides are labeled for use on potatoes, and there are many opportunities to apply them because the hilling process recreates a preemergent crop situation by burying crop leaves and protecting them from soil surface sprays. For specific weeds controlled by each herbicide, check the Relative Effectiveness of Herbicides for Vegetable Crops table. Rates provided in the recommendations below are given for overall coverage. For a banded treatment, reduce amounts according to the portion of acre treated. Non-Pesticide Potato cultural practices offer several good opportunities to control weeds, beginning with the period between planting and emergence (when early-emerging weeds can be killed by flaming), and continuing through the hilling process (when weeds can be buried or cultivated out). Some organic farmers also use flaming after potatoes emerge because some injury to the potato foliage early in the season can be tolerated. Rolling cultivators on wide tool-bars offer effective high- speed cultivation between rows and can also hill. Pesticide Aim EC (2) (carfentrazone) POST | 0.5-2 fl. oz. per acre. Apply prior to or within 24 hours of planting, or apply between crop rows with hooded sprayer. Do not allow spray to contact crop. Use COC or NIS. Weeds must be actively growing and less than 4 inches tall. Do not exceed 6.1 fl. oz. per acre per season. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 7-day. HRAC 14. Chateau SW (51WDG) (flumioxazin) PRE | 1.5 oz. per acre. Minnesota only -- supplemental label. Apply to potatoes after hilling. A minimum of 2 inches of soil must cover vegetative plant parts when applied to avoid injury. Provides suppression of lambsquarters, nightshades, pigweeds, wild mustard, and wild radish. Tank-mixes recommended to improve efficacy. REI: 12-hour. HRAC 14. clethodim products (clethodim) POST | Use 2EC formulations at 6-16 fl. oz. per acre with 1 qt. of COC per 25 gals. of spray solution (1% v/v). Use Select Max at 9-32 fl. oz. per acre with 8 fl. oz. of NIS per 25 gals. of spray solution (0.25% v/v). Use low rates for annual grasses, the high rates for perennial grasses. Spray on actively growing grass. Wait at least 14 days between applications. Do not exceed 32 fl. oz. of 2EC formulations or 64 fl. oz. of Select Max per acre per season. REI: 24-hour. PHI: 30-day. HRAC 01. Dual Magnum (7.62EC) (s-metolachlor) PRE | 1- 2 pts. per acre. Dual Magnum or Dual II Magnum at 1-2 pts. per acre. Use lower rates on coarse soils. Apply and incorporate before planting, or apply after planting before weeds emerge. May also be applied at 1.67 pts. per acre after hilling. Dual Magnum might delay maturity and/or reduce yield of Superior and other early maturing varieties if cold, wet soil conditions occur after treatment. Dual Magnum can be tank-mixed with Lorox, Sencor, Prowl or Eptam. See labels. Do not exceed 3.6 pts. per acre. REI: 24-hour. PHI: 60-day if applied before drag-off, or 40-day if applied at lay- by. HRAC 15. Eptam 7E (EPTC) PRE | Eptam 7E at 3.5-7 pts. per acre, or Eptam 20G at 15-20 lbs. per acre. Apply before planting, after drag-off, or as directed spray at lay-by. Incorporate immediately. On muck soils, supplement with linuron or metribuzin products applied before crop emerges and after drag-off. The Superior variety may be sensitive. Suppresses nutsedge. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 45-day. HRAC 15. glyphosate products (glyphosate) POST | 0.75- 3.75 lbs. acid equivalent (ae) per acre. Use formulations containing 3 lbs. ae per gal. (4 lbs. isopropylamine salt per gal.) at 1-5 qts. per acre, or formulations containing 4.5 lbs. ae per gal. (5 lbs. potassium salt per gal.) at 0.66-3.3 qts. per acre. Broadcast before planting, after planting before ground cracks, or apply between crop rows with wipers or hooded or shielded sprayers. Use low rate for annuals and higher rates for perennials. See label for suggested application volume Midwest Veg Guide 2022

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