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Herbicide Tables 62 Midwest Veg Guide 2022 Herbicide Tables This table includes selected information about the herbicides recommended in this guide. The products are listed alphabetically by Active Ingredient, with a selection of Trade Names. ° = indicates that small package and ready-to-use formulations are commonly available at hardware stores and garden center * = indicates that some formulations may be Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) and require a certification to purchase and use † = indicates biorational formulations that may be listed by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) and may be allowed in organic production – check with your certifier ‡ = indicates additional formulations that do not currently occur elsewhere in this guide as crop protection recommendations because they are not as well understood to be effective options The Signal Word is an indication of the human health hazard of the product. The Leaching Risk and Runoff Risk columns have one of four listings: v. low = the product is not likely to move with water low = the product has a low likelihood of moving with water med = the product has an intermediate likelihood of moving with water high = the product has a high likelihood of moving with water The Respirator Use column has one of the following listings: no = you do not need to use a respirator yes = you do need some sort of respirator for some part of the process (see label for details) some = certain Trade Names may require respirators, but others may not Active Ingredients Trade Names Signal Word Leaching Risk Runoff Risk Respirator Use °2,4-D Formula 40, Savage, Weedar danger med low some *acetachlor, atrazine Degree Xtra, Fultime, Harness Extra, Keystone caution, warning high med no acetochlor Breakfree , Harness, Surpass EC, TopNotch warning med low no *acetochlor, atrazine Breakfree ATZ, Breakfree ATZ Lite warning high med no acifluorfen Ultra Blazer danger high med no ‡allyl isothiocyanate Dominus danger - - yes ‡†ammoniated soap of fatty acids Final-San-O warning - - no ammonium nonanoate AXXE warning low low no *atrazine AAtrex 4L, Aatrex Nine-O, Cornbelt 4L, Cornbelt 90DF, Infantry 4L, Infantry 90DF caution high med some *atrazine, mesotrione, s-metolachlor, bicyclopyrone Acuron caution high med no *atrazine, pyroxasulfone, fluthiacet-methyl Anthem ATZ warning high med no *atrazine, s-metolachlor Bicep II Magnum, Bicep Lite II Magnum Lexar caution high med no benefin Balan DF warning - - no bensulide Prefar 4E caution med high yes bentazon Basagran, Bashazon, Broadloom, Biscayne caution, danger med low no bentazon, sethoxydim Rezult caution low low no bromacil Hyvar X caution high med yes bromoxynil Moxy 2E warning low med no °‡†caprylic acid, capric acid HomePlate caution - - no carfentrazone Aim EC caution low low no carfentrazone, sulfentrazone Spartan Charge caution high med no clethodim Clethodim 2E, Select Max caution, warning low low no clomazone Caravel, Command 3ME caution med low no clopyralid Spur, Stinger caution high low no ‡†clove oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, cottonseed oil GreenFurrow EF 400 exempt low med no °‡†corn gluten Preen Organic Weed Preventer caution low med no cycloate Ro-Neet caution med low yes DCPA Dacthal Flowable caution low high no dicamba Banvel, Clarity warning high low no dichlobenil Casoron 4G caution med med no dimethenamid-p Outlook warning med low no *dimethenamid-p, atrazine Commit ATZ, Commit ATZ Lite, Guardsman Max warning high med no

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