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Herbicide Tables Midwest Veg Guide 2022 63 Active Ingredients Trade Names Signal Word Leaching Risk Runoff Risk Respirator Use diquat Reglone warning v. low high no *diuron (*MI only) Direx 4L, Karmex DF, Parrot 4L, Parrot DF caution med med yes EPTC Eptam 7E, Eptam 20G caution, warning low low yes ethalfluralin Curbit EC, Sonalan HFP danger low high no ethalfluralin, clomazone Strategy caution med high no ethofumesate Ethotron SC, Nortron SC caution med low no fluazifop-P Fusilade DX caution low med yes flumioxazin Chateau SW, Valor SX caution low med yes fluroxypyr Starane Ultra warning med low no fluthiacet-methyl Cadet warning low low no fomesafen Reflex danger high med no foramsulfuron Option caution med low no glufosinate Liberty 280 SL, Rely 280 warning low low yes °glyphosate Roundup PowerMax, Roundup Ultra, Touchdown caution low high no glyphosate, sulfentrazone Spartan Advance caution high high no halosulfuron Permit, Sandea caution med low no imazamox Raptor caution high med no imazethapyr Pursuit caution high med no imazethapyr, saflufenacil Optill caution high med no imazosulfuron League caution med low no linuron Linex 4L, Lorox DF caution med med no MCPB Thistrol danger low low no mesotrione Callisto, Quartz caution high low no *mesotrione, atrazine Callisto Xtra caution high med no metribuzin TriCor DF, TriCor 4F caution high low no napropamide Devrinol DF-XT caution med med no nicosulfuron Accent Q caution high low no nicosulfuron, mesotrione Revulin Q caution high low no norflurazon Solicam DF caution med med no oxyfluorfen Goal 2XL, GoalTender caution, warning v. low med no *paraquat Firestorm, Gramaxone SL, Gramoxone SL 2.0 danger v. low high yes pelargonic acid Scythe warning - - no pendimethalin Prowl 3.3 EC, Prowl H2O, Satellite Hydrocap caution low high no *phenmedipham Spin-Aid danger low med no phenmedipham, desmedipham Betamix warning low med no primisulfuron Beacon caution high low no prometryn Caparol 4L caution med med yes *pronamide Kerb SC caution - - no pyraflufen Venue caution low med no pyroxasulfone Zidua caution med low yes pyroxasulfone, fluthiacet-methyl Anthem Maxx caution low low no quinclorac QuinStar 4L caution high med no quizalofop Assure II, Targa danger med high no rimsulfuron Matrix SG caution med low no saflufenacil Sharpen caution med low no °sethoxydim Poast warning low low no s-metolachlor Dual Magnum, Dual II Magnum, Stalwart C caution high med no *s-metolachlor, atrazine, mesotrione Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax, Lumax EZ, Stalwart 3W caution high med no sodium chlorate Defol 5 caution high med no sulfentrazone Spartan 4F, Portfolio 4F, Sulfin 4SC, Zeus XC, Zone 4F caution high med no tembotrione Laudis caution high med no terbacil Sinbar WDG caution high med no tolpyralate Shieldex caution low low no topramezone Armezon, Impact caution high med no topramezone, dimethenamid-p Armezon Pro caution high med yes topramezone, glufosinate Sinate caution high med no °trifluralin Treflan 4EC, Triflurex HFP caution low high no

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