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Herbicide Tables 64 Midwest Veg Guide 2022 Small package hardware and garden center herbicides This table includes additional pesticides that you may find readily available at hardware stores and garden centers in smaller quantities. The products are listed alphabetically by Active Ingredient, with a selection of Trade Names. RTU = Ready-To-Use without dilution. RTS = Ready-To-Spray with hose-end container. † = indicates biorational formulations that may be listed by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) and may be allowed in organic production – check with your certifier ‡ = indicates additional formulations that do not currently occur elsewhere in this guide as crop protection recommendations because they are not as well understood to be effective options Active Ingredients Trade Names Brands 2,4-D amine 2,4-D amine Hi-Yield ‡†ammoniated soap of fatty acids Grass & Weed Killer Non-Selective Concentrate, RTU Fertilome ‡†caprylic acid, capric acid Botanical KleenUp, BurnOut FII Bonide ‡†corn gluten Maize Weed Preventer Bonide ‡†corn gluten Organic Weed Preventer Espoma ‡†corn gluten Preen Natural Weed Preventer, Organic Weed Preventer Preen glyphosate KleenUp Super Concentrate, HE, RTU Bonide glyphosate Weed Pro Southern Ag sethoxydim Grass Beater II Bonide sethoxydim Grass Killer Hi-Yield sethoxydim Over-The-Top II Fertilome trifluralin Herbicide Granules Weed and Grass Preventer Hi-Yield trifluralin Preen Garden Weed Preventer Preen

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