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Asparagus – Weeds 86 Tarnished Plant Bug Pesticide Assail 30SG (acetamiprid) | Use 30SG formulations at 5.3 oz. per acre and do not exceed 10.7 oz. per acre per season. Use 70WP formulations at 2.3 oz. per acre and do not exceed 4.6 oz. per acre per season. Apply to fern only after harvest has been completed. Allow 10 days between applications REI: 12-hour. PHI: 1-day. IRAC 04A. Perm-Up 25DF (permethrin) | Use 25W, 25WP or 25DF formulations at 3.2-6.4 oz. per acre and do not exceed 25.6 oz. per acre per season. Use 3.2EC formulations at 2-4 fl. oz. per acre and do not exceed 16 fl. oz. per acre per season. Allow 7 days between applications. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 1- day. IRAC 03A. RUP. Asparagus – Weeds Reviewed by Stephen Meyers, Ben Phillips – Sept 2021 Recommended Controls All Weeds Before establishing an asparagus planting, reduce perennial weeds in the area to be planted with systemic broad-spectrum herbicides. Herbicide options are limited in the planting year. After the first year of establishment, a typical weed control program in asparagus includes a preemergence herbicide with a long residual applied before asparagus emerges. If needed, a preemergence herbicide may be applied again after harvest is finished and a clean mowing. Postemergence herbicides may be applied before asparagus emergence or during or after the harvest season. Some require directed or shielded spray applications to avoid spraying asparagus. It is important use herbicides with different modes of action from year to year with this perennial crop to avoid buildup of weed species not controlled by a particular mode of action. For specific weeds controlled by each herbicide, check the Relative Effectiveness of Herbicides for Vegetable Crops table. Rates provided in the recommendations below are given for overall coverage. For a banded treatment, reduce amounts according to the portion of acre treated. Non-Pesticide Good weed control in the planting year is especially important. Multivators, tines, rolling cultivators, and flame weeders work well before emergence of asparagus, but it is important to avoid damaging crowns when cultivating. Cultivate row-middles and hand-hoe after emergence. Flame weeders can also be used after clean harvest or mowing. Once established, straw mulch can be applied any time, but is easier for picking when applied after final harvest. Pesticide 2,4-D amine products (2,4-D) POST | Use 3-4 pts. per acre of liquid formulations with 3.8 lbs. per gal. acid equivalent, or 1.5-2.5 lbs. per acre of dry formulations with 78.9% acid equivalent. Apply before, during, or after the harvest season. During harvest season apply immediately after cutting. Discard deformed spears. Use drop nozzles for treatments after harvest to avoid spraying fern. Wait at least 30 days between applications. REI: 48-hour. PHI: 3-day. HRAC 04. Aim EC (2) (carfentrazone) POST | 0.5-1.92 fl. oz. per acre. Include 0.5 pt. NIS or 0.25-0.5 gals. COC per 25 gals. of spray solution. Broadcast after spear harvest. Emerged asparagus will be injured. Do not exceed 3.8 fl. oz. per acre per season. Wait at least 20 days between applications. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 5-day. HRAC 14. Callisto (40SC) (mesotrione) POST PRE | 3-7.7 fl. oz. per acre. Apply in spring before spears emerge after mowing, disking, or tilling; after final harvest; or both. For postharvest applications use drop nozzles or other equipment that will minimize contact with crop. Adding COC or NIS (alone or with UAN or AMS) will improve emerged weed control and increase crop injury risk in postharvest applications. Do not exceed 2 applications per year, or 7.7 fl. oz. per acre per year. REI: 12-hour. HRAC 27. Chateau SW (51WDG) (flumioxazin) PRE | 6 oz. per acre. Established plantings only. Apply to dormant asparagus at least 2 weeks before spears emerge. Crop injury may result if asparagus is not dormant. May be tank-mixed with paraquat to control emerged weeds. Or, apply after final harvest for the season before fern emerges. Do not exceed 6 oz. per acre per growing season. REI: 12-hour. HRAC 14. Clarity (4WS) (dicamba) POST | 0.5-1.0 pt. per acre. Apply in 40-60 gals. of water per acre immediately after cutting. Discard crooked spears at harvest. Clarity can injure Midwest Veg Guide 2022

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