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Celery – Weeds 99 Movento (2SC) (spirotetramat) | 4-5 fl. oz. per acre. Must be tank-mixed with an adjuvant with spreading and penetrating properties. Allow 7 days between applications. Do not exceed 10.0 fl. oz. per acre per season. REI: 24-hour. PHI: 3-day. IRAC 23. Sivanto 200 (1.67SL) (flupyradifurone) | 10.5-14.0 fl. oz. per acre. Can be applied as a foliar spray or soil treatment. See label for application methods. REI: 4-hour. PHI: 1-day. IRAC 04D. Voliam Flexi (WDG) (thiamethoxam, chlorantraniliprole) | 4-7 oz. per acre. Do not exceed a total of 14 oz. per acre per growing season. Minimum interval between applications is 7 days. REI: 12-hour. PHI: 7-day. IRAC 04A, IRAC 28. Celery – Weeds Reviewed by Stephen Meyers, Ben Phillips – Sept 2021 Recommended Controls All Weeds Celery is nearly always started as transplants. Early season plantings in cool soils are at greater risk of herbicide injury. There are several herbicides labeled for the control of weeds preemergence, applied before celery is transplanted, or directed between the rows only after transplanting. For specific weeds controlled by each herbicide, check the Relative Effectiveness of Herbicides for Vegetable Crops table. Rates provided in the recommendations below are given for overall coverage. For a banded treatment, reduce amounts according to the portion of acre treated. Non-Pesticide Weed control in celery often relies heavily on cultivation and hand-weeding for full season weed control. These operations are most efficient when planting arrangement is designed with weed control in mind and is designed to work with available weed control equipment. Specialized weeding equipment for celery includes basket weeders, narrow-bladed hoes, finger weeders, and others. A stale seedbed can be prepared prior to transplanting with flame weeding or very shallow cultivation to control emerged weeds, instead of herbicides. Pesticide Caparol 4L (prometryn) POST PRE | 1-2 qts. per acre. Make 1 or 2 applications 2-6 weeks after transplanting but before weeds are 2 inches tall. Do not exceed 2 qts. per acre per year. REI: 12-hour. HRAC 05. Chateau SW (51WDG) (flumioxazin) PRE | 3 oz. per acre. Apply before transplanting or 3-7 days after transplanting for control of many annual broadleaf weeds and grasses. Do not tank mix with other pesticides. REI: 12-hour. HRAC 14. clethodim products (clethodim) POST | Use 2EC formulations at 6-8 fl. oz. per acre with 1 qt. of COC per 25 gals. of spray solution (1% v/v). Use Select Max at 9-16 fl. oz. per acre with 8 fl. oz. of NIS per 25 gals. of spray solution (0.25% v/v). Spray on actively growing grass. Wait at least 14 days between applications. Do not exceed 32 fl. oz. of 2EC formulations or 64 fl. oz. of Select Max per acre per season. REI: 24-hour. PHI: 30-day. HRAC 01. Dual Magnum (7.62EC) (s-metolachlor) PRE | 1- 2 pts. per acre. Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota only (MI 24c exp. 12/31/21. MN 24c exp. 12/31/25): apply before or immediately after transplanting. Will control annual grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds and nutsedge. Use high rate on muck soils. Follow with 0.25-inch water within 7 days. REI: 24-hour. PHI: 62-day. HRAC 15. glyphosate products (glyphosate) POST | 1.5- 2.25 lbs. acid equivalent (ae) per acre. Use formulations containing 3 lbs. ae per gal. (4 lbs. isopropylamine salt per gal.) at 2-3 qts. per acre. Use formulations containing 4.5 lbs. ae per gal. (5 lbs. potassium salt per gal.) at 1.3-2 qts. per acre. Apply to emerged perennials before planting, or after harvest in the fall. See label for suggested application volume and adjuvants and rates for specific weeds. REI: 4-hour to 12- hour. PHI: 14-day. HRAC 9. Lorox DF (50) (linuron) POST PRE | 1.5-2 lbs. per acre. Apply after transplants are established but before celery is 8 inches tall. Do not exceed 40 PSI pressure. Do not apply when temperatures exceed 85 F, and do not mix with wetting agents or other pesticides. REI: 24-hour to 8-day. PHI: 45-day. HRAC 05. Poast (1.5EC) (sethoxydim) POST | 1-1.5 pts. per acre. Apply to actively growing grasses. Include 1 qt. COC Midwest Veg Guide 2022

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