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Use Your Donor-Advised Fund to Support MSK Today—And Tomorrow A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a special kind of charitable account that gives the donor the right to recommend charitable grants from the DAF. With a DAF you can enjoy the benefits of an income tax charitable deduction in one year and stretch your charitable donations over multiple years. By recommending a grant (or recurring grants) to Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) from your DAF, you can drive groundbreaking research and exceptional care today—and it won't affect your personal finances. If you are interested in propelling the most promising advances into life-changing interventions today, then consider recommending a grant to MSK from your DAF. ADVANTAGES: • The process is easy—simply contact the sponsoring organization for your DAF and complete the required form to request * that a grant or recurring grant be made to MSK. • It doesn't involve parting with additional funds, as the grant is made using assets already available in your DAF. • Because donations to your DAF appreciate tax-free, you could recommend a more substantial grant than might otherwise be possible. *You cannot direct grants. You can only recommend them. The fund administrator has an obligation to deny grants that do not meet criteria established by law.

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