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43 consolidation area for offshore construction materials. Offshore oil and gas project requirements The development of offshore oil and gas projects may have specific requirements. It is best to consider these early in the planning phase and build them into the supply base design. They may include a material offload facility (MOF) for offloading and consolidation of heavy construction components using RoRo and LoLo type berths; pipe laying support services; rock outloading facility for marine pipeline protection; marine fuel bunkering; dry-docking services for maintenance, repairs and classification inspections; provision for Customs Services to process international vessels; quarantine and inspection services. Transport services A supply base relies on well managed and integrated transport services to deliver supplies and remove the waste brought back from the offshore platforms. It is important to plan and provide for efficient cargo flows in and out of the base and this requires a truck marshalling area, space for road transport consolidation, logistics for road and air freight services, security gates controlling each vehicle entering and leaving the base. Compliance management Aurecon's expertise Compliance management is another activity that needs to be included in the supply base services. This includes managing compliance with government and relevant industry regulations; HSE, lifting, transport and waste management plans; quarantine and customs regulations. The planning and development of a new supply base is complex and requires dedicated planning and engineering skills. About the author Ruben Nielsen is a Senior Ports and Marine Structures Engineer experienced in marine facilities, terminals, offshore jetties, small craft harbours and civil infrastructure. While in Bangkok in 2011, Ruben was the Marine Structures Lead on the Chevron Thai Shore Base project located in Ban Bang San, Thailand; and Marine Structures Engineer for the Dawei Sea Port development in Myanmar. Prior to this, Ruben was the Marine Lead for a group of eleven engineers and designers on the offshore marine structures for the USD 2.5b Hay Point Coal Terminal Stage 3 Expansion project. Aurecon can provide the necessary studies and engineering required from the initial planning and approval phases, right through to detailed design of the base and associated infrastructure and services and onto the construction phase. We work directly with the project team assigned with developing a supply base. In some cases that team can be a group of core people from a supply base operator company wishing to develop a multi-user supply base or a project team in the oil and gas company requiring a new base for their own operations, as in the case of Chevron Thailand and their Ban Bang San supply base project. You can contact Ruben at ruben.nielsen@aurecongroup.com Aurecon Thinking in action

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