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February 2022

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20 POTATO GROWER | FEBRUARY 2022 IRRIGATION Valley Irrigation • (402) 359-2201 • www.valleyirrigation.com X-Tec HS X-Tec HS gives operators the option to move 10 times faster than standard pivots, completing a standard circle in just 90 minutes. Speed like this can benefit a wide variety of crops. It's ideal for precise application during germination and for cooling high-value crops in the heat of the day. The investment in an X-Tec HS can reduce labor, equipment rentals and maintenance costs. What takes a standard pivot 16 hours to cover it takes only 90 minutes for a pivot equipped with X-Tec HS. Valley engineered the high-speed drive in response to growers who want to reduce or eliminate many of the expenses of applying crop protectants. X-Tec HS lets growers apply them uniformly and at the proper concentration directly through the pivot. Machine Diagnostics Machine Diagnostics is now available when growers connect to Valley 365. This industry-leading technology provides detailed insight and alerts to changes in pivot performance and health. Through sensor-driven technology, operators can optimize the health of the pivot as it pinpoints the exact location of a fault related to alignment, tire inflation, motor and gearbox, or water application. Machine Diagnostics monitors key components of the machine and sends an alert directly to a grower's device when an issue occurs. No one wants to walk the pivot to see which tower is out of alignment or discover a flat tire without the right tools. With Machine Diagnostics, growers can choose what they want to monitor based on specific machines and needs. Toro Ag • (888) 698-6768 • www.toro.com/tempus-ag Tempus Automation System The Tempus Automation system is the first in the industry to feature 4G/wi-fi/LoRa/Bluetooth technology. With longer range connectivity in real-world field conditions compared to competitive systems, growers can be confident they will spend less time setting up and maintaining their irrigation system and more time growing a healthy crop with the Tempus Automation system. The intuitive online platform can be accessed through a computer, phone or tablet. This platform allows the user to have instant access to every controller, valve and sensor. Operators can control and monitor both the main and field valves remotely, and will be immediately alerted if any issues occur anywhere in the system through push notifications. Tempus Automation controllers and measuring sensor devices are certified IP68 for water- and dust-proofing and powered by a nine-volt battery. Additionally, the Toro Tempus controllers and measuring sensor devices are potted, completely eliminating issues with not only items related to water or humidity intrusion, but also insect intrusion. The base station allows growers to control valves and monitoring devices within a bubble of up to one mile. To extend the system range, additional base stations can easily be installed.

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