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An Interview with Mike Bell Intel's Man on Mobile Discusses Company Culture, the Device Market, and the Importance of Software BY JOHN MOORE F resh in the smartphone and tablet market, Intel is benefiting from the experience and wisdom of veteran Mike Bell. Vice President and General Manager of New Devices, Bell is confident that Intel is poised to make a big impact in this dynamic market. "It's just a matter of time," said Bell in a recent wide-ranging interview. "Everybody says we got off to a slow start and that may be true, but we're aiming for a major share of this market." Bell joined Intel from Palm Inc. in 2010 after having previously worked at Apple where he had a hand in the creation of the iPhone*. At Intel, Bell plays the role of the archetypal outsider who challenges the status quo and inspires, if not heretical thinking, at least freewheeling tendencies. Bell launched a new tradition at Intel: within his group, those who make an extraordinary contribution earn a pirate flag to display outside their office. It's quickly become a badge of honor in a corporate culture not given to flamboyance. Intel's mobile technology has already produced results, particularly in the field of Android* smartphones. Intel's foray in the global market began in 2012 with the introduction of several Intel® Atom™ processor-based Android phones in multiple countries. The company has followed that initial rollout with a broader geographic push. In January, Intel and Safaricom, a mobile network provider in Kenya, launched the Yolo™, an Android device that marks the first Intel® processorbased smartphone in Africa. The first allotment of Yolo phones sold out in less than two weeks. In April, Intel and Etisalat Misr, a leading telecom operator in Egypt, launched the new Etisalet E-20 smartphone with Intel® Inside. In Asia and the Middle East, Lenovo now targets 15 countries with the newly available K900* phone, another Intel Atom processor-based device. In addition to the phone activity, Android tablets equipped with Intel® processors are expected to have a large impact later this year; Microsoft Windows* phones and tablets with Intel Inside already have gained considerable traction. And then there's the ASUS Fonepad*, the latest Android tablet with Intel Inside. This pocket-friendly tablet aims to incorporate all phone and tablet functions into a single device without compromise. I nte l ® S of tware Ad renal i ne 1

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