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Inside the Intel HTML5 Development Environment ® BY TIM KRIDEL T here's a reason why 82 percent of mobile developers in a recent survey said HTML5 will be important for their jobs this year: HTML5 enables them to target multiple platforms faster and more cost-effectively than if they built multiple native apps from scratch. appMobi is an example of how developers are flocking to HTML5. In 2012, its HTML5 developer base grew six-fold to more than 150,000 users, the company said in February 2013. HTML5 benefits a developer's bottom line in these ways: •A larger pool of potential customers. HTML5 makes it easier, faster, more costeffective, and less risky for developers to target a wide variety of smartphone and tablet platforms as opposed to, say, just Google Android* or Apple iOS*. Attracting more customers also means potentially increasing the opportunity for monetization. HTML5 also enables developers to expand the market for their apps beyond mobile devices and into platforms such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, Ultrabook™ devices, and Internet-connected TVs. "HTML5 is a hot area for automotive right now," said Daniel Holmlund, a software engineer who works in developer relations for the Intel Software and Services Group. •Lower development and support costs. HTML5 enables developers to leverage their existing code base for multiple platforms, instead of having to create a version for each one from scratch. "With native apps a unique code base must be maintained for each platform supported," Holmlund said. "Each additional platform is an additional cost. Costs might double or triple if you add a third platform. HTML5 reduces cost by unifying much of one's code base. Using the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment lets developers target multiple platforms more efficiently." All of those savings help profitability. •More freedom to focus on innovation and the user experience. By making it faster and easier to develop for multiple platforms, HTML5 frees developers to focus on creating innovative features, which helps make their apps more competitive in crowded categories. Developers also have more time and resources to focus on ferreting out bugs, so their apps can deliver a great user experience, which helps retain customers. 1 I nte l ® Sof t w are Adren al ine

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