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experience and resources. In fact, Intel's acquisition of appMobi's HTML5 tools and staff was enough to convince some developers to give HTML5 a shot. "They are willing to try to move their environment because it's hosted by a company with a long history of supporting developers," Odom said. "It gives people confidence in investing their time and energy to learn something." For developers new to HTML5 in general or appMobi in particular, one obvious question is how much time they can reasonably expect to save by using the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment. The answer depends partly on the type of app. "Let's say they are just creating a casual game," Odom said. "One of the cool things about the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment is that it has an accelerated canvas to make graphics smoother. "It doesn't have to be just for games, either. It can be for anything that needs accelerated graphics, whether it's motion graphics, UI widgets, and so on. By taking advantage of the Intel® XDK, you can gain access to this accelerated canvas that is part of our app framework." Intel also offers the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool, which enables developers to port iOS code to HTML5. Currently in beta, the tool automatically converts as much of the code as possible, reducing the developer's workload and the app's time to market. The tool currently converts the following: "You can preview how your application looks on a myriad of devices, from a regular notebook to an Ultrabook, to a tablet, to Android and iOS smartphones." —Ben Odom, Intel HTML5 evangelist, on some of the benefits of using the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment 5 I nte l ® Sof t w are Adren al ine •Apple Objective-C* (and a subset of C) source code into JavaScript •Apple iOS API types and calls into JavaScript/HTML5 objects and calls •Apple Xcode project files into Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 •Layouts of views inside Apple Xcode* Interface Builder (XIB) files into HTML and CSS files "I demoed the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool 1,000 times at Mobile World Congress 2013," Holmlund said. "We had an Android phone, a Windows tablet, and an iPad all running the converted application. Developers were very impressed." As the plethora of platforms and devices continues to grow, so does the value of HTML5 as a convenient, costeffective way for developers to cater to them. The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment enables developers to master HTML5 quickly and use the technology to its full potential. Learn more about the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment here > ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tim Kridel is a Missouri-based freelance writer and independent analyst covering a wide variety of tech and telecom topics, including wireless, broadband, PCs, VoIP, videoconferencing, and digital signage. He writes for the Intel® Software Adrenaline program, and has written for the Intelsponsored publications Intelligence in Software and Digital Innovation Gazette.

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