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HYDRATION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS Fluidlogic Offers A Unique Solution To The Hydration Problem By Stuart Bourdon Hydration is important in any sport or recreational activity that tasks the human body. Studies have proven that proper hydration is one of the keys to optimum performance and endurance. This is true of world-class Olympic athletes as well as off-road racers. Whether you’re a champ or a rookie, your body and mind will work better when you’re properly hydrated. Hydration sources in race cars are common. Thousands of drivers rely on water bottles or hydration-bladder packs during the race, but new smart-hydration systems are slowly taking over. Fluidlogic is one of these, originally started by motorcycle racer Ed Jaeger from his desire to create a better hydration system that didn’t require the driver to take a hand off the wheel to take a drink. That part of the problem looked like it could be solved easily enough. In the early development stages of the Fluidlogic system, Jaeger worked closely with champion racers like Ricky Johnson to create an innovative hydration system for motorcycles or cars capable of dispensing a controlled amount of fluid on command, while not removing a hand from the wheel. During that development process, other innovative ideas such as magnetic connections and a high-pressure pump were realized. Todd Hayes, marketing manager at Fluidlogic told us, “We are constantly looking at ways to improve and refine the Fluidlogic hydration-delivery systems, but the real genius behind the Fluidlogic system is its Bluetooth wireless programmability.” The Fluidlogic unit incorporates a user-set notification system to alert the rider/driver that it is time to take a drink. Part of the notification system is a button capable of being mounted anywhere. When that button lights up, it’s time to hydrate. The system resets itself when it has dispensed the set amount of liquid. You can adjust everything from the dose amount of fluid delivered to how often that next shot is ready for delivery. And the fluid is delivered right to the nozzle that fits around your helmet’s microphone. All this may sound like it’s right out of some sort of sci-fi movie, but the Fluidlogic hydration system is available now for use with any motorcycle, car, or truck. The “Flush 360 System'' includes the Fluidlogic chin bar for the helmet for non-forced air installations. The “Coaxial System'' allows the fluid tube to be integrated into the air hose for forced-air installations. Both are easy to install and can be set up for operation in just a few hours. A recent study conducted at Michigan State University on the effects of hydration during a motorsports event, used the Fluidlogic system in part of its research. Professional level drivers from all disciplines of motorsports participated in the study that used race driving simulators to examine the results of driving using standard hydration systems and the FluidLogic system. The racing simulator was on a movable chassis, had hydraulic pedals, and a direct drive wheel. It provided all the dynamics the drivers would experience in a real race car. The Fluidlogic system was integrated into the helmet, prompted the driver to drink, and delivered a measured amount of fluid. Lap times improved, especially in the last laps of an event. The results confirmed the idea that drivers can benefit from appropriately timed and properly delivered hydration via an automated fluid delivery system. One of the most highly visible and successful proponents of the Fluidlogic system, is the Honda Racing Team run by Jeff Proctor, driver of the Honda Racing Team Class 7 race truck. His team has taken lab tests a step further and proven products in the field. “We’re now using the Fluidlogic hydration systems in all our Talons as well as in the race truck,” said Proctor. “Hydration is a key to our competition effort and outfitting all our racers with Fluidlogic systems has been a game-changer for us.”SJ

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